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Listen To Your Customer

True automotive sales professionals know that before they start talking to customers about their product features or anything else, they ne…

Started by IC. Collins

0 Jun 29

Don't become obsolite.

  You could become obsolite. In your training efforts if you don't get on it right now. Manufactores are f   ed up with the way sales cons…

Started by IC. Collins

0 Jun 21

Persistence and Pressure

 It's no secret that salespeople must be persistent. But some salespeople seem to forget the imaginary line separating persistence from pre…

Started by IC. Collins

0 Jun 20

No Customer, No Sale

     F&I managers can’t sell to customers they don’t see. The father of the F&I menu provides an action plan for convincing manage…

Started by IC. Collins

0 Jun 20

People don't know what they want untill you show it to them.

It has been said things from the past have a way of working in the present® believe this. We feel dehumanization of ev…

Started by IC. Collins

0 Jun 19

Change Doesn't Happen Overnight: It Happens In These Five Stages

Written by ~ Amy Morin Although circumstances often change in the blink of an eye, people tend to change at a slower pace. Even the mos…

Started by IC. Collins

0 Jun 19

Positive is Good, But Not Enough.

It's good to be a positive thinker, but don't think for one second that that's all you have to do. Being a successful sales consultant req…

Started by IC. Collins

0 Jun 18

Focus on team members doing something RIGHT!

It never ceases to amaze me that the overwhelming majority of people, especially when they are in a management position, tend to find someo…

Started by Ed Allen

0 Jun 17

A flinch is a flinch

If you need another reason to be face to face with your customers as often as possible, here's a new one: scientists have proven that peop…

Started by IC. Collins

0 Jun 17

Customer Loyalty

“® the online resource for the Automotive Sales Consultant™” is what our company is about. It represents the core bel…

Started by IC. Collins

0 Jun 15


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