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China Has A Sidewalk Just For People Who Can't Stay Off Their Phones

Are you one of those mindless drones who can't stay of your smartphone long enough to glimpse the real world, interact with other human…

Started by Mike ElliottLatest Reply

What Every Major Car Name Actually Means

Have you ever wondered what the name of your car means or maybe how manufacturers come up with names? After all, we say names like Camry,…

Started by Mike ElliottLatest Reply

Why Employees Won't Tell You What They Really Think

Rather than speaking up when they see something wrong or have good suggestions, many employees feel that keeping their mouths shut is the…

Started by Mike ElliottLatest Reply

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ANNOUNCEMENT TO SALESPEOPLE: Everyone hates us and it’s all our fault!

If I ask you to think about a typical salesperson, what is the first thing that pops into your head? For many people out there it is someth…

Started by Mike Elliott

0 yesterday

Wanted: Sales Managers to sell #1 iPad Selling System to Auto Dealers/Groups

Endorsed by Honda and partnered with leading companies in the industry, IntellaCar is growing rapidly. Our iPad Selling System gives Sales…

Started by Jim Hughes

0 Nov 14

By the Numbers: Are Your Financing Offers Falling on Deaf Ears?

How do you persuade a customer to come into your dealership and buy a vehicle? It’s one of the most basic questions any dealer can ask, and…

Started by Mike Elliott

0 Nov 11

The 7 Principles Of The Future Employee

It’s safe to say that the employee of tomorrow is not the same person as the employee of yesterday. The five trends shaping the future of w…

Started by Mike Elliott

0 Nov 11

Who Wants To Work In Vegas

New Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Dealership in Fabulous Las Vegas is seeking Top Performers ONLY to join a winning team...Business is up 86% f…

Started by Harold Elam Jr

0 Nov 8

CRM Question

We are in the process of switching our CRM Tool, we have narrowed our choices down to VinSolutions and E-Lead..  Both seem to do the job an…

Started by Nicholas Dolas

2 Nov 5
Reply by Carl Maeda

Your Dealership is Full Of Ordinary People and Ordinary Things

There is something magical about Ritz-Carlton hotels. Maybe it’s the ambiance. Maybe it’s the smell. Maybe it’s the quiet understanding tha…

Started by Mike Elliott

0 Nov 4

Decline in Wholesale Prices Keep Retail Markets on Track, Manheim Reports

ATLANTA — Wholesale used vehicle values declined by just over 2% in the third quarter, as the market showed signs of returning to more norm…

Started by Mike Elliott

0 Oct 10

AAA: Winter Could Bring Widespread Gas Prices Under $3

The trend downward trend of gas prices should continue at least into December, and pump prices could fall below $3 a gallon in many areas…

Started by Mike Elliott

0 Oct 5

30 Inspirational Quotes for Businesspeople

                              From Launch Grow Joy

Started by Mike Elliott

0 Oct 3


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