Can anyone define the skill-set (s)  required of BDC/Internet managers?

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-Hire appropriate BDC staff
-Train the BDC staff with ongoing weekly training meetings
-Maintain CRM, websites, and marketing efforts
-Be involved in all decision making with vendors and marketing ideas
-Work with sales management to ensure that promotions and pricing is always correct
-Maintain appropriate gross profits when dealing with customers
-Manage online inventory
-Provide a hands on management approach (get involved with calls when needed)
-Manage department with set guidelines
-Manage staff and hold accountable for results
-Work with marketing campaigns and vendors to maximize potential.

Stan, Thanks for your response. Not quite what I was hoping for. You kindly provided a list of duties which is helpful. However, I am most interested in the requisite skill-sets of a BDC/Internet manager. Let's say I'm going to hire a manager. When I advertise the position what skills does this person have to posess in order to be considered "qualified" for the position? What experience? An example: Your fourth point suggests that this person "Be involved in all decision making with vendors and marketing ideas." Let's take the last half of this......decision making regarding marketing ideas. What degree of marketing experience is required? If this person is going to evaluate marketing ideas it seems that a minimal skill-set might be a college degree with a minor in marketing. Better would be a marketing degree. Best might be a degree in marketing and several years experience doing.............. what? Where?


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My apologies, couldn't see this on my phone until I replied. They should possess a marketing degree if a degree is a must, be well versed with the social media markets, Microsoft Excel is a plus,communication degree is a plus however a mixture of all of these is not something that many can meet in my opinion. That's what makes us car people! Eccentric, fly by the seat of your pants and can adapt to any market type people!! I so wish this could be taught!lol!
-To constantly shop local competitors to stay in or be a step ahead of the game
-Hire and train well qualified customer service, advertising and business savy staff with that good phone voice and personality.
-Set online ads and specials to constanly engage and intrigue the consumer
-Be the first point of contact for shoppers other than a walk-in opportunity. I.e. phone ups, email correspondent, as well as CSI follow up after the sale and service appointments-both scheduling the first appointment and check back with their service appointments.
-To be a party vs. a funeral. I always said to smile and have fun with high energy. Customers want to go to a party-not a funeral. If you treat them as a long lost friend persay; they can't say no to at least stopping in to give you a shot at earning their business. If they don't they will always wonder what could've been behind that great convo you had over the phone!
-Take great detailed pics with energy filled and exciting captions in line with your states laws and regulations.
-Create, divise and coordinate local events to generate an audience and resonates in minds that shows you are a generous and caring store that deserves their business.
Of course:get in, get in, get in! Along with setting these appointments a daily activity log and aoutcome report should be maintained and handed in to all managers to track traffic and results to see who/what is working.
-The social media markets should be kept up and actively in the eye of the public by these employees.

-any other online opportunity that you would like a controlled environment to hold accountable for results. Craigslist, lease retention customers, orphan cold calls etc.
I always recommend a set internet sales staff that is aware of what incentives are used to arrive at the internet price or payment so the store doesn't look as though these price points were the first they've seen! It's not a good look! :)


This is a difficult position to hire for.  I have been a BDC Manager in various capacities, including a multi-point mid size new car franchise dealership to a small independent 100% buy here pay here store to running an outsourced BDC Call Center with over 50 employees using an automated dialer doing nothing but setting sales appointments.  I started out as a BDR on the phone setting appointments and driving traffic into the dealerships I worked for.

I think some key traits or experience you would want to look for would be to find someone comfortable with technology and with being on the phones....a LOT!  Someone definitely good with numbers enough to create trackability of marketing and advertising to figure out ROI and adaptable with technology to the point where this function can be achieved relatively on remote (via CRM, Excel, whatever).  

He or she should most certainly be structured and very process oriented.  A BDC should be a very structured and thus predictable department within the regular chaos of a dealership.  Therefore the BDM also needs to be strong willed and unafraid to to enforce the stated processes.  Inspect what you expect was always my motto!  Expectations need to be set.... how many leads, how many of those should be appointed, how many should show, and how many should sell.

These are just a few of the things that jumped into my mind immediately upon reading your post.  Of course there is MULTI-TASKING!  That is certainly key.  lol.  Of course this is geared more towards a sales BDM position as that is pretty much all of my experience.  I have never been involved personally with Fixed Ops.  I hope this helps answer your question.  Feel free to contact me though if you'd like to chat more! 


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