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Where? What? Contact? Requirements?
Thank you for your interest in Automotive Training & Development (ATD). This position offers a talented and hardworking person the opportunity to earn a great income and to gain tremendous personal satisfaction. To me, both are equally important.

ATD is a small sales training company that services automotive dealerships, as well as RV, boat, motorcycle and other dealerships. ATD has two primary goals:

1. Develop GREAT sales professionals by giving them the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to not only sell vehicles but develop a following. I believe that the automotive sales profession represents a great career with lots of opportunities for advancement. It is very rewarding to be able to train the average person to become a GREAT sales professional who can make a very good income and lead a rich and satisfying life.

2. Boost automotive dealerships’ sales, profits, and customer satisfaction. According to market research, fully one-third of the buying decision rests with the sales person. Yet, both research and experience confirm that 9 out of 10 sales people don’t follow the key steps to a sale, develop personal relationships with their customers, or proactively generate new business. With our training, sales associates become motivated and inspired, learn the ins and outs of the sales process, build relationships that last, and generate leads and referrals.

Our website ( describes our philosophy, approach, and services. Right now, we offer two basic programs: 1) recruiting and training new sales professionals with little or no experience in the automotive industry, and 2) conducting 1 ½ -2 day seminars for seasoned sales professionals. Both programs focus on the psychology of sales, including setting goals, generating and maintaining a positive mental attitude, and building customer relationships that last. They also cover the 11 critical steps in the sales process, as well as the importance of product knowledge and continuous learning.

We are currently looking for independent contractors for two key roles: 1) sales trainer and 2) business development manager. Each of these roles is described more fully below. In some case, individuals may qualify for and want to do both--that is, market the program and provide the training. Please let me know your preferences.

I am setting up phone interviews for Tuesday and Wednesday August 24 and 25. If my company interests you and you would like to go to the next step, please e-mail me the three times that would work best for you. I will need approximately 30 minutes of your time. I will then e-mail back the time slot that works best for both of us. Once again thank you for your interest in Automotive Training & Development.

Fred G. Slabine

President, Automotive Training & Development



1. Attend week-long sales training program in the Greater Boston area. Training is free, but the sales trainer must pay for his own travel, meals, and lodging.
2. Telephone the dealer’s contact person (generally the sales manager) to arrange logistics, make sure there is a private space for interviews, and identify a suitable space for training.
3. Before training begins, meet with and interview the contact person to learn about their way of doing business, why a prospective sales person would want to work for them, and what they are looking for. Develop a personal relationship.
4. For new recruits, the process involves a five-day recruitment and training cycle:
a. Monday & Tuesday. Interview prospective candidates, showing respect for their experience and desire to change their life. Use Automotive Training & Development’s interview sheet to identify those that are highly motivated and have a strong work ethic. Explain the training program and collect training fees. Fax or e-mail daily reports.
b. Wednesday-Friday. Provide training to candidates following the training protocol and manual. Motivate and inspire trainees.
c. Friday Morning. Review the training and teach trainees how to conduct a successful job interview. Trainees are interviewed by the dealership in the afternoon.
d. At the end of the training. Go over the course with the dealership’s contact person, so he/she knows what you have trained them on and they still need to acquire product knowledge for this manufacturer. Encourage them to provide ongoing support, and let them know you are available for ongoing assistance. Ask if they are interested in advanced training for their current staff and if they can give you referrals.
e. During the evenings, visit or call dealers close by and explain our program, let them know you may have some fully trained sales people that are highly qualified, and see if they are interested in hiring any of the people the host dealer does not hire..
f. Friday night or Saturday. Send in your paperwork to the office.
5. For seasoned professionals, the training lasts 1 ½ to 2 days. The trainer provides advanced training following the training protocol, goes over the course with the dealership’s contact person, encourages ongoing support, offers ongoing assistance, inquires about additional training needs, and requests referrals.
6. Maintain close contact with the office, engage in continuous learning, and mentor other trainers as appropriate. Provide telephone support to trainees upon request.
Candidate Requirements: At least 15 years of experience in automotive sales, management, and/or sales training. Great communication and people skills, strong work ethic, attention to detail, ability to motivate and inspire others, respect for cultural diversity, and empathy. Dependability, responsibility, initiative, and problem solving skills, high energy, and desire to help self and others get ahead.

Business Development Manager’s Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

1. Work closely with the ATD office to develop a successful marketing plan that may include calling dealerships to identify key decision-makers and set up appointments, visiting dealerships to identify needs and explain the ATD program, weekly newsletters, incentive programs, and other marketing strategies.
2. Upon closing a deal, schedule the training session, collect advertising fees, and send appropriate paperwork to the office.
3. After training, follow up with dealership personnel to ensure they are satisfied, identify additional training needs, and request referrals. Follow up with dealership on a regular basis to develop an ongoing relationship, identify and respond to additional training needs, and address any problems that may arise.
4. Report all marketing activities in ACT, and synchronize database with Automotive Training & Development’s database via email. Communicate regularly with the office and participate in weekly conference calls.
5. Send out thank you letters to all dealers, including selling tips and exercises to keep staff fully motivated and inspired.
6. Check messages and respond expeditiously to customer and management emails and calls.
7. Be professional in appearance and character. Treat all people with respect and dignity—the cornerstone of Automotive Training & Development’s philosophy. .
8. Commit to continuous learning—e.g., new marketing methods, how to maintain a positive mental attitude, and strengthening human relations.
Candidate Requirements: At least 10 years of experience in automotive sales, marketing, and/or sales training. Successful track record in making cold calls, speaking with key decision makers (including owners), and closing deals. Creative approaches to marketing and new business development. Desire to work with a young start-up company and help it grow exponentially. Great communication and people skills, strong work ethic, attention to detail, respect for others, honesty, dependability, and integrity. Looking for a self-starter who is highly motivated, shows initiative, has high energy, and is a real problem solver.


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