I have found that I, personally, am not good at nor currently have a desire to politic. I am the hard working, do right by the company type, and prefer to not "cry" in the ear of my superiors just to throw someone under the bus with hopes of promotion. I've acheived my position by hard, honest and selfless work. I can truly out sell, and get paper hung just as good as if not better than any other Manager I've worked with. However, recently I've found that it gets me no where. If anything my hard work hurts me in this area. It keeps me busy from bell to bell and leaves no room for chatting, let alone trying to master this political game.
I know now it's come down to get in or get out....politics that is. Now when I say politics I do not mean this literally, just in the way of selling yourself to the hierarchy vs selling to the customers sitting in line waiting for you. I prefer productivity and securing my financial stability in the now, but have found that long term, it's getting me no where but burnt out and stressed. So onto my questions. ....

Does anyone else see this in their establishment? ?

Have you been able to transition and BECOME this or is it something that can't be taught?

If you are a manager who's chosen the good ole boy vs. the loyal,hard worker-have you ever realized it when it was too late?

What exercise/pointers do you have to help my preformance in achieving what's seemingly the next best step for my career advancement? Simply things to let go of or tasks to avoid during the business day to allow for more time to politic.

*a little background-I'm a seasoned car girl (guy ive been told, lol) of 11 years who started as a cashier and worked up the ladder to being Business mgr. /Director. I'm constantly overlooked as a go to with an audience present, but a constant go-to behind the scenes.

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I like your passion, Holly!

At your request: What exercise/pointers do you have to help my preformance in achieving what's seemingly the next best step for my career advancement? Simply things to let go of or tasks to avoid during the business day to allow for more time to politic.

I believe sales is a matter of personal philosophy, and my personal philosophy is SERVE2SELL. What this means; SERVE2SELL is a great way to eliminate the worries of in the work force politics as well as provides a clear and precise game plan to serve and sell even the most difficult of them, including those who politic in the work force as well as everyone else.  

Firstly, no question about it, there are favorites (the good old boy mentality) and politics that play in the workforce. In my personal journey of serving others and selling automobiles, I have always had a passion for this industry simply due to the fact that  - the numbers never lie. 

Being a top performer that you are, and as you state behind the scenes you are - the go to professional. You are obviously a great persuader and attraction of people, if they are coming to you for solutions I would recommend that you continue to do this behind the scenes - ( and keep it that way). I recommend that you adjust your mindset in the sense that you are grateful for this opportunity to serve others, it is your giving ways that people are gravitating toward. I will tell you there is a fine line between serving those whom are coming to you for solution, and those whom you identify as politicians, the adjustment I'm specifically getting to in your attitude is this: View the politics of it all as an opportunity to shine in grateful servant mentality, negative thinking or a bad perception of these individuals are only a hinderance to your own success, rise above that mentality, show them that none of it can shake your ground, let your numbers do the talking, and even more importantly, your following of people who believe in you will grow and grow and grow, over time you will be - THE ABSOLUTE WITHOUT QUESTION LEADER OF LEADERS AMONG THEM ALL. Even those who play the politics in the workforce cannot deny a ROCK SOLID POSITIVE ATTITUDE, AN UNSHAKABLE FORCE OF POSITIVE GIVING MENTALITY. Those you work so hard to help, who entrust you with their lives and careers will in the end be the greatest compliment to your own success.

I am sharing this with you from first hand experience. I too was the top performer in automobile sales, and like you I had more than my fair share of (haters - negators - nay sayers - and politicians who I thought stood in my way. As a matter of fact, I went through a very negative mindset at one point, I had second place beat by double in numbers yet he was better friends with the owner, they would go to lunch often, and to be honest I felt envy and entitled. I share my downfalls so that my lessons can ultimately be your gain, not to repeat my negative lessons, so that you can go the extra mile in all you do to SERVE2SELL others in your grateful journey of serving to sell..... In the end, the numbers never lie, and I earned my respect even among the most negative of them all - let your God given talents shine, keep pushing, take any negative energy and let it reflect in your positive performance.....

It's all in God grateful giving ATTITUDE - KEEP GIVING ALL YOU GOT.

Always go the extra mile! If you can't run it... WALK IT!~

Welcome to dealerELITE - I am grateful you are here, let's get better together where the best and the brightest in the automotive industry collaborate!~ 

Thank You so much for this Bobby!!

As you could sense, my post came from a bit of a sore spot that I had, but as usual, I've picked myself up, brushed myself off am ready to go again!!  It was something that was building and I had to get it off my chest.  So Thank You for listening!!

Your response is definitely reassuring, and I keep telling myself that in the end; all good prevails....if it doesn't for some reason or another-than God has another plan or road for me to follow!! :)

My head's always up, my smile is always waiting to "flash" at anyone in my path, and I will always put others before myself,  so I know with that alone-I've already won!!

Thanks Bobby!




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