It has been said "You are the least credible person to be talking about your brand".  Marketers do not have control of their brand – they’ve never had control.  The consumer’s voice controls the brand. 

  • We know that there is a huge need for brands to re-establish trust.
  • We know how important it is to engage consumers using social communities.
  • We know that consumers today want to interact.

FACT:  84% of consumers trust the recommendations of their friends  

So, if your existing customer knows you - likes you - trusts you...

  • They know who you are
  • They know what you do
  • They know where you work

Your Choice of Customer is simple - Referral, Referral, Referral...

What methods are you using to ask for the referral?

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Video Testimonials are the best kind of referral there is. And they are ready 24 hours a day to do so!


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