At the "Ave" Car Dealership how many times per week would you think an appraisal is "bumped" to make a deal and how much would you think that "Ave" amount would be?

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At our store (a high volume toyota dealership) nearly every deal. We alllow $1000 bump and it almost always gets used.
  •  Let's say you moved 5 trades $500 each to make a deal =$2500/wll ,$10,000 per month, now let's say all 20 of those get retailed at $3000 gross per deal=$60,000 in gross ‎....why wouldn't a Dealer want to invest 4-$5000 in a month to recruit and or train perhaps 5 "Ave" Salespeople selling 8 per month at $3000 per unit which equals $120,000?
I know it's a bit of a spin ,but I really don't get it.a UCM or NCM can move trades 10-15 k a month...but it takes 10 meetings and 15 phone calls to make a decision to recruit and train people that they desperatley need and need trained....just don't get it?
AMEN! I agree with you, unfortunately it seems to slde by that this is a salesperson failure. Honestly, the deal managers need the same training... And its killing the used car profit margins.
so the answer is,,,,,,,,,
I think the GM having a heart-to-heart with UC/NC sales managers to get them on the same page. We had this just recently, the new car desk was giving bumps without letting the UCM know about... the UC dept was selling the car off the back lot as soon as it came in, only to figure out they were a grand heavier in the car than they thought! So we had a heart-to-heart drawn out discussion about that. Everyone wants to fight for their gross, only new cars has the advantage to steal it from used cars. If the desk managers are any good, though, this won't happen so much. Our weakest gross desk manager gets the most bumps, and vice-versa. Not a coincidence! And from the desk, it gets transposed on the salespeople.
Whoa,now that's a huge the very least communicate....right?
It won't be happening again, I can tell you that. The NCM were taking the bumps for granted. But they treated the two departments as two separate places, which I have seen to be a problem in many stores. When the UCM brought up the point that it was killing his sales people, where they were used to a $2000 front now it's a $700 front, one NCM actually said he didn't think they should have been making the bigger money in the first place! Definite disconnect. We should all be after the same big bottom line, used cars is not a free ticket to cut prices deeper. Especially when, as you say, training will provide a way to make the gap. But we do have lots of training for the sales people. I think more sales manager training is needed.

Demarcation line

We always talked about this between sales and service,but it's really a huge problem if that line is drawn within the sales department itself!


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