1. "What keeps you loyal to (Insert the name of the other Dealership here)?" 


2. "No decision is ever set in stone and often times there is what we call the "X-Factor", (Insert the first name of your prospect here) do you know what the X-Factor is?  The X-Factor is the unexpected, it's when the other dealership drops the ball.  In case that were to happen, what's the back-up plan?"


3.That's not the first time that I've heard that response.  And the most interesting part is when I ultimately do meet with people who originally told me the same as you, I hear things like, "I never thought of doing it that way?  Or, I didn't realize that was even possible and now I will save myself tons of time."  What's holding you back? 


4."Can you think of anything that I could possibly say right now to spark some interest?  Do any immediate thoughts come to mind?  


5.When you say that you're not interested, how did you get to that point so quickly?  What is (Insert the name of the other Dealership here) doing to keep a permanent smile on your face each day?"


6.How can I get you interested, what am I missing here?  Any suggestions?


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