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Tee off for exciting training to get your advisors drive-ready!

Are you ready to tee off for some new training? sw Service Solutions "The First Step" series gets your advisors ready to sell on the drive.

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Lehel Reeves Joins Flick Fusion as Director of Partnerships and Business Development

Urbandale, IA—April 16, 2018—Flick Fusion announced today that Lehel Reeves has joined the company as Director of Partnerships and Business Development. In his new position, Reeves will oversee the creation and management of synergistic partnerships that will raise awareness for Flick Fusion’s…


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Protective Asset Protection, a provider of F&I programs, services, and dealer-owned warranty programs, announced today results of its latest survey addressing dealer concerns and opportunities with F&I product offerings. Behind financing, additional F&I offerings represent the second-largest opportunity for margin growth for dealers (57.6%).…


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The Times Union Names Auto/Mate a Winner of the Albany 2018 Top Workplaces Award and Special Award for Managers

Albany, NY – April 16, 2018​ – Auto/Mate Dealership Systems announced today that it has been awarded a 2018 Top Workplaces honor by the Times Union. Auto/Mate ranked as a Top Workplace…


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Technician Mentor Program

Typically, a dealership will invest over $40,000 to get a technician certified to master status. To keep this technician current will require investing additional thousands in training every year. Historically dealerships haven’t attempted to maximize this investment by sharing with less trained newer talent. With the shortage of new technicians entering…


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Mobile Car Detailing in Perth

Jacobs Mobile Car Detailing Logo

No time for auto cleaning & car detailing? Many people spend more time planning the purchase of the vehicle than they do cleaning, polishing and maintaining it!  Among the best things about a new automobile is how clean it is--indoors and out.  Unfortunately, it does not remain like that forever. Your automobile is your second biggest investment.

Taking good care of your auto is well worth it.  Regular Washing and detailing not only makes it…


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Promotion Principles to Protect Your Organization

Some leaders excel at picking others for promotion and development while others lead their organizations into chaos or ruin with poor choices in this regard. Following are principles from two men who were, arguably, two of the best people-pickers of the last century—General George C. Marshall, and Alfred Sloan of General Motors—as related by one of my favorite minds on the matter, Peter Drucker.

Step 1: Think through the process.

Look first at the nature of the…


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Write Service Podcast: Episode 24- Pay Attention to Detail

This week, Jeff discusses another common mistake that service advisors make: not paying attention to detail! This point falls in line with following the process, ensuring accuracy every time, and not skipping any steps. Whether you make a written list of details, keep a manual handy, or refresh your memory every day before you step on the drive, it's imperative that you actively pay attention to detail. Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan



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How Construction Technology Is Saving Time and Money

Most experts would say that “money-saving technologies,” seem ironic because when it comes to technology applications, it looks like it's impossible to integrate these new advancements without having to spend a lot.


The truth is, as we talk about saving money, it's not about how little you need to spend to invest in them. However, we have to look at the bigger picture…


Added by Simon Hopes on April 12, 2018 at 6:04am — No Comments

Yield Management: What We Can Learn From Airlines

If you have flown recently there are two unescapable and related facts: (1) nearly every seat is full and (2) nearly every seat is priced differently. This is because airlines realize that planes taking off with empty seats represents lost revenue that will never come back. Our service bays and technician time are…


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“Why status-quo” is a mindset that will Kill your Dealership

If you’ve been in the retail automotive industry for any length of time, you’ve seen how inaction is thought to be the best course of action. With today's evolving retail world where consumer’s can order oil and battery changes on Amazon, I’m sure there are many more changes that Amazon is hatching for the…


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10 Dumb Tendencies You Must Give Up to Go Up

There are some really dumb things we can do on a daily basis, that start off as tendencies, but if left unchecked can turn into habits. And without acknowledging them, facing them, and fixing them, you'll find yourself continually being taken out of your zone, and unable to consistently bring the 8 key game changer traits to all you do. This episode shares 10 dumb tendencies for you to watch out for so you can stay on track towards living the game changer life. Download, stream, or share it…


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Success in Professional Sales Podcast: Episode 23- Getting Out of a Sales Slump

This week, Jeff discusses the dreaded, yet inevitable, sales slump. We are all guilty of falling into it for one reason or another, every once in a while. With 4 simple tips, you can overcome it! Failure as a teacher, readjusting aspects rather than "fail and repeat", and knowing you are never far from success are a few snippets of what this episode covers! Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan

Click here to…


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ELEAD1ONE Takes Home Three Automotive Website Awards (AWA) from NADA, Presented by PCG Companies

Atlanta, GA – April 10, 2018 – ELEAD1ONE today announced that its DealBuilder digital retailing platform was honored with two 2018 Automotive Website Awards (AWA) at the NADA Convention & Expo. Additionally, ELEAD1ONE’s Service1One…


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Are You Setting Up Your Marketing Team for Failure?

Marketing is an incredibly complicated and convoluted field which involves everything from direct marketing, to brand management, customer communications, social media, public relations and on and on. Whether you call the person responsible for your digital marketing efforts the “CMO,” or delegate these tasks to an…


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Auto/Mate Adds Credit Card Processing from Worldpay

Albany, NY – April 9, 2018​ – Auto/Mate Dealership Systems has added a new Credit Card Processing feature to its dealership management system (DMS). Credit Card Processing from Worldpay (formerly Vantiv) integrates the Worldpay credit card device and merchant services into Auto/Mate’s Cashiering features in its Parts, Service and General Cash…


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Things that Make Instagram the Most Popular Social Media Platform

In this digital era, there is no doubt that brands are substituting conventional marketing methods and gradually investing more funds in more effective social media marketing. Today, social media has become an integral part of your existence. You could now see advertisements on your newsfeed without even noticing them. Unlike newspaper or television, there is no scope for changing the page or flipping the channel, you know that the advertisements on the social media channels are just…


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Hashtags are crucial to succeeding in Instagram marketing

One of the foremost social media platforms today is Instagram, and it is quite useful for business owners as a significant marketing platform also. If used smartly, Instagram can boost your business revenues significantly by widening your customer outreach. Instagram will help you to connect your business with a broader audience,…


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Time To Stop Asking For Social Security Numbers On Your Website

Most dealers are still unwisely asking for Social Security Numbers on their websites. Change is coming and in some cases is already here based on state laws. Why do this when you can use soft pulls without needing a SSN? The added benefit is an immediate increase in leads because you are not asking for a SSN as well as higher quality leads as most folks with even a score as low as 600 will not give up their SSN online.   

State laws restricting…


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Improve Your Business Process With Tekmetric Auto Shop Software

The Tekmetric auto shop software is a business software that enables you to integrate all of your business processes into one system. From warehouse management, to production planning and sales and marketing, all areas of an organization can work together efficiently, which will increase productivity levels and reduce time spent on menial tasks.…


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Buying a Manly Family Car

Posted by Simon Hopes on April 24, 2018 at 3:53am 0 Comments

Have you ever seen a man standing in front of two cars and you didn’t need help in pointing out which was his? That’s the idea a man rolls with when he wants to buy a car. Every man wants a manly car; well-cut with fantastic engine that is an…


Jumpstart Automotive Media Path To Purchase Insights: Consumer Interest Across Trucks, Utilities and Cars, with Emphasis on Refreshes and Launches

Posted by John Sternal on April 23, 2018 at 3:25pm 0 Comments

Jumpstart Automotive Media, a leading media, insights, and marketing solutions company, today released its monthly shopper interest data, with results showing increased shopper…


4 Steps to Advertising that Converts

Posted by Steve White on April 23, 2018 at 9:55am 0 Comments

Nowadays, the competition for consumer attention is fierce. Many…


Plugging In: How Electric Vehicles Could Impact Your Service Department

Posted by Chris Miller on April 23, 2018 at 9:40am 0 Comments

Love him or hate him, Tesla’s Elon Musk is brilliant. As both a…


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