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#51: Friday 2-Minute Warning

This weekend: look for something you can do unexpectedly, to help benefit someone else. In today's Friday 2-Minute Warning I share some examples to help inspire you to extend yourself in benefit of others. Listen to it now at ;

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Could Subscription Services & Autonomous Vehicles Solve the Recall Epidemic?

While the struggle to decrease unrepaired recall vehicles on the road…


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Make your automobile legally authorized for driving

In this modern era, having a luxury car in Las Vegas reflects your wealth and status to your neighbors and passersby. But owning a car requires undergoing a number of documentations and also requires your vehicle to be insured to count it as legal vehicle. Having insurance for your automobile is a legal requirement and in case of not having the insurance you can be asked to pay huge fines.

For making your automobile insured you can contact the…


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Why Should We Focus on Women? Part 2

-by Sally Whitesell for AutoSuccess Service Magazine

You know from Part 1 that women are crucial to your business. So are you making women a top priority?

If you meet the expectations of women you will exceed the expectations of…


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Episode 10- Write Service Podcast

Do you have numbers or goals that you can't seem to reach? You do all the training, all the role plays, all the walk-arounds, but can't seem to get there? Why? Don't be afraid to hold your people accountable! This week, Jeff discusses accountability and the best steps to maintaining consistency with your entire staff. Copyright 2017 Wm. Jeff Cowan

Click here to watch!…


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Are Autonomous Vehicles the Future of Automotive Marketing?

If you backtrack through the history of advertising and marketing, you’ll find it’s always been about pushing the message to the consumer. In the old days radio and television were the dominant media and consumers had little choice but to watch and listen.…


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Record Decline for Car Segment

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. …

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Did you leave money on the table in 2017?

Gross profit is critical to the bottom line and warranty parts and labor reduce our results. The cost of training, equipment, special tools, and labor continue to rise making profit a challenge for dealerships. Our new Margin Plus program can get your dealership additional gross profit to offset the challenges. Let’s see what you are leaving on the…


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Service Managers/Advisers -You only get 1-2 opportunities to get face to face with your customers on a yearly basis!

 Your Customers come into your Service Department, once, twice or possibly three times a year, (if they drive a lot of miles!)


It's your ONLY OPPORTUNITY to get face to face with them! 


Let me repeat that...




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#50: How to Master Mistakes

Anyone who tries things, takes risks, grows, and learns, is going to make mistakes. Mastering mistakes isn't so much about stopping mistakes altogether, as it is about learning how to handle them when they happen - and also how to handle when others make them too. In this episode, Dave shares how to handle mistakes like a game changer, so that you stay focused, in your zone, and making progress towards your most bold and compelling goals.…


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#49: Friday 2-Minute Warning

A new Friday 2-Minute Warning episode of The Game Changer Life podcast has just been released, and this one shares a Red-Zone Rant on "Quit blaming bad luck!" Go download or stream this fast-paced two minutes of inspiration on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, or at, and start living that game changer life.…


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#48 How to Max Out The Moment

Maxing out, and getting the most out of every moment has little to do with your talent, experience, knowledge, or skill set. It's an issue of mindset - a certain way of thinking and living - and in the episode Dave shares six ways that game changers max out every moment so that you, and others you influence, can live that game changer life.…


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Episode 9- Success in Sales and Life in General!

This week, Jeff discusses steps for making 2018 your most successful year yet! These steps will help you maximize your potential, repeat your biggest successes, and grow exponentially! Copyright 2017 Wm. Jeff Cowan

Click here to watch now! Also available on iTunes, GooglePlay, & Stitcher. …


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Do You Want E-Contracting or Not? Decide Already!

Much progress has been made…


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Your 2018 Budget: Volume and Gross Budgeting for Sales

How is your budget shaping up for 2018? Having fun yet? This is the second part in a series of blogs on how to create a budget that will help you achieve your growth goals. In Part 1, I shared tips on how to do a SWOT analysis.…


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Recalls: Perhaps California has the Solution?

It’s always frustrating to read articles about the challenges legislators, manufacturers and states…


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Disagreeing Well With The Theory Of 5 Philosophy

No matter how compatible they are, two people living together are going to butt heads every now and again. Decide on your “rules of engagement” early on. Do …

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Who is in charge of compliance?

In most of the warranty policy manuals there are sections dedicated to compliance and who is responsible for which function. There are also numerous training materials that outline the responsibility of each department. In these training materials, it is stated that the service…


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Episode 9- Write Service Podcast

Click here to watch now!

This week, Jeff discusses "pulling the curtain back" and working with a daily worksheet to make predictions and project goals. This episode is perfect for managers and service advisors looking to stay on track and maximize potential!…


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Are You Doing These Seven Things Before Your Sales Calls?

Phone Strategy Series Part 3

Talking to prospective customers on the phone is inevitable in the sales industry. If you are comfortable on the phone you are already ahead of many others who do their best to avoid this type of prospecting.

Getting on the phone with a potential customer doesn’t have to be a stressful situation, especially if you are prepared before you ever dial their number.

Knowing how to get someone’s attention and more…


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Used Car Buying Tips

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You finally have your driver’s license, and now the day has come to buy your first car. As a teenager, however, you’re probably not in a position to walk into the dealership and drive out with a brand-new car.


Odds are, you’re…


Making the Most of 2018’s Automotive Predictions

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2018 is underway and with the New Year comes a lot of…


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