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New Lease Data Forecasts Which Vehicles are Best to Lease in the Month of April Data Show that SUVs and trucks will offer Attractive lease Deals for April, based on March Trends, the nation’s first online marketplace for new lease deals, reports the latest update on new lease offerings for the month of March, and forecasts new leasing trends for the month of April.  Several brands offered discounts on mid-size and large SUVs, as well as truck deals, while most smaller vehicles and regular-size cars maintained or increased…


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The Vehicles Expecting Moms Should Be Driving

POLL: According to a New Survey from, Expecting Moms Most Likely opt for Mid-Size SUV’s with a More Trendy Style and Design, the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, today announced results of its “New and Expecting Moms” survey, where thousands of drivers across the country were asked about their preferences on vehicles for new moms.  

The majority of those polled 32% say mid-size SUV’s are the best vehicle type for expecting…


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Black Book, a division of Hearst that provides industry-leading used vehicle valuation and residual value forecast solutions, released its Used Vehicle Retention Index for March showing that it fell -1.2% on the month registering 112.0 and down from 113.3 during February. The Index has now changed -0.9% over the last twelve months (113.0). Click here to obtain a copy of the…


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Purchase Right Golf Battery for Golf Cart


The buyers deeply consider the golf battery for the golf cart. This is suitable for the truck and car. When it comes to buying the Golf Cart Batteries, you can check the price range and consider what type of features present in it. This one cannot create any harm to the core. You can recharge the battery correctly and use it in a proper way. You can access the guide to use the battery. It…


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Crack the Code for Selling to Women

Pre- and post-purchase analytics are the key to cracking the code for selling to your #1 buyer: women. Women are buying 45% of all vehicles today, which translates to 819 total vehicles per year at an average new car dealership. Yet most business leaders still don’t celebrate this market, nor do they…


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Most Recent Auto Credit Highlights for February 2018

  • 28.10 million auto loans and leases, totaling $611.3 billion, were originated January-December 2017, representing a 3.5% decrease in total new accounts, and a 1.1% decline in balances over the prior year, reflecting a market shift from new to used cars.
  • January through December 2017, 9.2% of auto leases were issued to consumers with a subprime credit score, the smallest subprime share since 2011.
  • The severe delinquency rate (share of balances 60+ days past due) on…

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3 Tips for Bridging the Customer Expectation Gap

Dealers are great at creating expectations. They advertise their dealerships as family owned, friendly, hassle-free and low-price leaders. These promises are what motivate the customer to call in the first place.

Then the expectation gap opens up. Typical problems…


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Searching for Service: Tips for a Successful PPC Campaign

When consumers search for vehicle service options in your area, does your dealership’s website appear on the search engine results page (SERP)? For most dealers, ranking organically for search terms is difficult because their websites are optimized for sales and not necessarily for service. Additionally, it’s…


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Fixed vs. Portable Solar Panels: What's The best For Your 4WD Lifestyle

There is no denying that a solar panel is one of the most efficient and beneficial accessories to own when you live an on-the-go lifestyle. Living a 4WD lifestyle means you are always going on adventures and finding yourself in certain situations where there is no source of power and electricity. Hence the use of renewable energy like the sun. 

Since there is no question about the benefits of using Portable solar panels, what about the type of panel? There are fixed panels that…


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Motivating Your Automotive Sales Team


Motivating Your Automotive Sales Team

As a sales manager, you do your best to keep your team motivated all year long. After all, being in sales can come with its fair share of stress and disappointment: your team has to hear a lot of "no's" before getting to even one "yes," and that kind of rejection can take its toll on even the most seasoned sales professional. Here are some ways to help boost team morale even during the slow season, so that your…


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Growing Technicians

One of the largest concerns facing the automotive industry is the shortage of technicians. Many qualified technicians have left in retirement or have moved on to other markets that also have needs such as fleets or oilfields. Adding to this concern is very few young technicians have chosen to enter a market with so many challenges. A few of the obstacles…


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The Incredible Power of Clarity

As Vince Lombardi said, "It's hard to be aggressive when you're confused." Game changers know this and understand that becoming unstoppable is a result of becoming resolutely clear about their: purpose, goals, values, personal philosophy, daily behaviors, and more. This episode shares the powerful benefits of clarity as well as key aspects to creating clarity, so that you can reach your fullest potential and help others do the same. Get it now at …


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Success in Professional Sales Podcast: Episode 22- Vacation Blues

Have you ever found yourself with low energy during an important presentation or big sales day? This week, Jeff discusses the impact of vacation blues, holiday blues, or convention blues. He gives tips for keeping your best foot forward: don't over drink to celebrate a sale, eat right, sleep, and a few more "no-brainers"! Take these tips serious to maximize your return and time away from the office. Copyright 2018 Wm Jeff Cowan…


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Two Weeks of Increases in Car Values

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download the full…


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Flick Fusion Wins AWA Award for Best Automotive Website Merchandising Software, Presented by PCG Companies

Urbandale, IA—April 3, 2018—Flick Fusion today announced that its flagship video marketing platform, Smart Flicks, has won a 2018 Automotive Website Award (AWA) for the Best Website Merchandising Software. The award was presented to Flick Fusion at a ceremony hosted by PCG Companies on March 22nd at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las…


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Tips to avoid having your car stolen

Knowing how to protect our car from thefts is an increasingly important need in our country. Crime rates are far from diminishing and protecting a large investment, as is our car, is already a priority.

There are simple tips that you can follow to avoid having your car stolen, from taking care of the place where you park to installing a security system in your vehicle.

We will share some recommendations to avoid being a victim of this crime, taking into account the main practices of… Continue

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Step by Step Guide to Selling Your Car

Step by Step Guide to Selling Your Car

Selling a car is easy. The real challenge in selling your car is to sell it at a good price. Not that many people have the skills to wheel and deal, but with this guide, you could make an extra dollar or so.

The secret in selling a vehicle is to think like a buyer. If you are going to buy a car, what are the things that you would look? Once you've figured that out, you then ask yourself how you could make those qualities stand out from the…


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An Interview with Keith Shetterly of , What does it DO for dealers?

What is ? What does it DO for dealers?

CHRIS: First, welcome, Keith, and how are you? Most importantly, what made you decide to build and launch BullCutter.comTM? What does it DO for dealers?  

KEITH: Thanks, Chris, and I'm great. BullCutter.comTM is my response to real dealer problems with bad vendors in advertising, websites, and CRM: In…


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EXCLUSIVE New Book Release: "What I've Learned From Attending Over 35 Indy 500's"-

Every May, thousands descend upon the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to watch and be part of the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing”, the Indy 500.  Millions more watch on television from around the world. All know that Indy is the biggest single day sporting event in the world, but what many do not know is that it is also a college and an institution of higher learning. For just one day a year, by attending this event, you can get a lifetime of knowledge that will take the average student years to…


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Black Book, a division of Hearst Business Media that provides industry-leading used vehicle valuation and residual value forecast solutions, announced today its latest joint vehicle depreciation report with Fitch. Black Book forecasts an annual depreciation rate of 17% in 2018 as the supply of used cars and trucks increases, up from a lower-than-expected 13.2% experienced in 2017 due to strong sales activity stemming from hurricanes last fall. The latest joint vehicle depreciation report can…


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Clean Diesel Vs. Diesel

Posted by PowerFlo Diesel on April 20, 2018 at 8:02am 0 Comments

It’s hard to imagine commerce without diesel fuel. From the ships that carry cargo across the oceans to the trains and trucks that haul those goods to their ultimate destinations, diesel fuel is what makes all of it possible. However, that power…


Get Secure and Reliable Car Title Loan Services

Posted by Simon Hopes on April 19, 2018 at 2:55pm 0 Comments

Cash is the most important part of every human being’s life. But, sometimes it is not available when you need more. At that time, the loan is the best option that can help you to solve problems. If you want emergency cash then,…



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Dealers using the new AuctionACCESS Mobile App will be eligible for discounted Black Book Digital…


Write Service Podcast: Episode 25- Key to Making an Extra 5-10% Income

Posted by Jeff Cowan on April 19, 2018 at 12:00pm 0 Comments

This week, Jeff discusses the key to making an extra 5-10% income: having a strong follow-up program! Don't allow yourself or your process to become automated, don't rely on one approach for everyone, and always remember that NOTHING exceeds…


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