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The Greatest Storm...

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An inquisitive, curious mind will help you seek out new information. Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know it all. Always ask questions about things you don’t understand.

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MY WAY - Simple Stupid Stuff



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Toyota Dealer Endorses One-Price Sales Sales Staff Writes Deals and Finalizes with a Menu Presentation!

For most dealers nationwide, a one-pricing sales strategy is a tough concept to accept. To even

suggest that their sales staff should be given the authority to finalize every

transaction at their desks and include the menu presentation without sending

any customer into “the box” is heart-stopping for them. What about banning the

F&I office altogether?…


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Harnessing The “Human” Mindset

The all elusive holy grail of marketing is within our grasp but most fail to truly understand its power to both create and destroy. It is both the bringer of life and of death but if used correctly can push your sales to new heights… but if only.

Marketers have been searching, for as long as advertising has been around, for bigger and better ways to engage their audience. If it’s an ad on billboard, a letter in the mail or a commercial on TV marketers are always… Continue

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Digital Due Diligence

Before the internet, when there were only phone pops, we learned valuable lessons on how to handle calls, such as selling the appointment, creating urgency, not giving shopping numbers and keeping information close to the vest until the customer showed up. It was good advice then and it may be good advice now. But keep in mind that many customer inquiries tend to come online rather then by phone. While the ultimate goal remains the same – to get the customer into the dealership – the rules for… Continue

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With Thanksgiving And Christmas Around The Corner, What's Your Plan Of Action?

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WOMENCERTIFIED~SUSAN HAIR 561-309-7078~Communication

Contrary to popular belief, women’s communication styles aren’t impossible to decode. Some tips:

•If she says she needs to think about it, she means it. Be sure to give her all the information and literature she needs to make an informed decision, and let her know when you’ll be available to answer any questions.

•Tangents, though seemingly irrelevant, are often full of information that matters to her at that moment. Don’t tune out; listen for bits of info that clue you in to her… Continue

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WomenCertified® Seal

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Pembroke Pines, FL, United States, 9/19/2010 - WomenCertified today announced that The Craig Zinn Automotive Group’s Acura of Pembroke Pines has earned the WomenCertified Seal and is specially qualified to provide an extraordinary level of sales and service to women.

The WomenCertified Program is designed to teach sales and service professionals how to deliver better customer service, with the goal of creating women friendly… Continue

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Time Management for a Better Bottom Line and Improved CSI

Time Management for a Better Bottom Line and Improved CSI

As the owner of a company that provides temporary F&I staffing nationwide, we have a unique view into the daily operations of a broad spectrum of dealerships. Unlike an agent or training company that may visit a store periodically…


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Client Development

Client Development can be the single most important difference between a sales person who makes $35,000/yr and a top pro that makes $75,000 to $100,000+. Do you want to double your income? Wait for it……. Talk to twice as many people! It’s no great revelation! If you talk to 10 clients for the week and sell 3, then if you want to sell 6 you have to talk to 20 clients’ right??(Nod head now) The numbers are always the numbers, and the numbers are always right.

You need to go outside your… Continue

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MY WAY - Subscribe


Industry practices are forever changing. At times it seems overwhelming and difficult to keep pace. Just about…


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Need your help please, please read!

To all my industry peers, I need your help with something. Have you ever heard of or worked with a company called UpLead Technology? And, if so, how has your experience been in terms of working with them? Many thanks in advance for any information you can share with me.

I need to know what your experience has been within 3 day's. They have predominately prospected throughout the West-Coast. I am entertaining National Development Officer position. Before I put my name and reputation on… Continue

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Selling To Women

Developing the skill and know-how to attract and retain female customers has never been more critical to success—annually, women consumers spend $3.7 trillion, women business owners spend $1.5 trillion, and women make or influence over 94 percent of all purchases. You need her business to succeed. If you don’t get it, someone else will.

Yet to many sales professionals, understanding women customers is a daily challenge: the way women interpret behavior, hear unexpected meanings, take… Continue

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Failure of Web Advertising....Is It Really Working??

Everyone is jumping up and down about "Social Media" and Online content/advertising....but is it really the benefit that it touts itself to be?? Here's a different point of view.

Reprinted from "The Ad Contrarian"

The Ad Contrarian is Bob Hoffman, ceo of Hoffman/Lewis advertising in San Francisco and St. Louis. Bob is former ceo of MOJO USA and…


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Get "What You Expect" when you Crunch Your Service Numbers

“What You Expect”

(This is a follow on blog post from a previous post titled “Crunching Your Service Numbers.”)

This is part of the daily “Must Do” list for every Service Manager. You cannot go through the day without checking progress. To do so would be a sure recipe for disaster. Just ask the Captain on any ship or the Pilot of any airplane. They will not start the engines without a plan much less leave the harbor or take off from the airport.

As a Service… Continue

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MY WAY - Manage by Exception


It is Tuesday morning and the controller receives a credit memo from the factory with…


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A Rememberance of Manny Luna's Facebook Page


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Viral Prospecting


Some of you on these pages know me and my company. Viral Marketplace features different ways that a salesperson or dealer can manipulate the Web and their digital footprint to lower marketing costs and improve your effectiveness.

Of course our AdzZoo marketing program is changing the way that Dealerships are marketing, the reason for this message today is…


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It’s hard to imagine commerce without diesel fuel. From the ships that carry cargo across the oceans to the trains and trucks that haul those goods to their ultimate destinations, diesel fuel is what makes all of it possible. However, that power…


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Cash is the most important part of every human being’s life. But, sometimes it is not available when you need more. At that time, the loan is the best option that can help you to solve problems. If you want emergency cash then,…



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This week, Jeff discusses the key to making an extra 5-10% income: having a strong follow-up program! Don't allow yourself or your process to become automated, don't rely on one approach for everyone, and always remember that NOTHING exceeds…


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