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Write Service Podcast: Episode 20- Follow the Process!

This week, Jeff continues with another common mistake that service advisors make- not following the processes! Whether they are implemented by your manager or your dealership, they are there for a reason! Don't be lazy, follow the process, and maximize your potential on the service drive! Copyright 2018 Wm. Jeff Cowan

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The Ticking Time Bombs Sitting Beneath Every Dashboard

According to the Los Angeles Times, Honda recently released a statement detailing how a Takata airbag killed a Florida man who was working on his 2001 Honda Accord. The vehicle was not…


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Where Do We Go from Here? The Recall Compliance Challenge

Vehicles can easily change hands multiple times over their lifetime. When a recall occurs, it then becomes increasingly difficult for manufacturers and dealerships to notify the current owners, which compounds the problem of low recall compliance. For many vehicle owners, it’s not that they don’t want the recall…


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Dealers & Managers: Fire LESS — Look in the Mirror MORE by Richard Keeney

There are many managers who have given up on the bottom twenty percent of their sales team, and have stopped trying to salvage that person’s employment.

This is especially…


Added by Richard Keeney on June 6, 2017 at 5:00pm — No Comments

Ad Blockers: If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

In the great wide world of online, display ads are everywhere. Top of the page, right, left, bottom – and, sometimes even popping up and floating in your face. Many consumers find these ads intrusive, especially when they are irrelevant. So, they simply ignore them – or, stop visiting the sites on which they…


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Maintain your Automobile for Better Performance

It's been proven that taking care of your health is to key to a longer life and fuller existence. This is why we schedule a yearly check-up with a physician for ourselves, our family members and our household pets. Ironically, the exact same reasoning should be employed when discussing the upkeep of our automobiles. 

Scheduled maintenance is important

There's a reason why both domestic and international automobile manufacturers advise customers to schedule of…


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OEMs: Give Dealers More Autonomy!

While the automotive industry has seen massive technology changes in the last 5 years, there is a continuing trend where some OEMs partner with specific vendors and then take away the freedom of choice for forward-thinking dealers. Mandates are enforced where franchised dealers must choose between 2-3 vendors…


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Why the Least Interesting Thing for Consumers Will Be to Drive a Car

At the recent Adobe Summit, executive vice president and general manager, Brad Rencher, advised businesses that if they wish to survive in the future, they have to become “experience…


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A 25K-Technician Shortage Spells Problems by David Martin & Brett Coker

Last year it was reported that the automotive industry would experience a shortage of 25,000 technicians in the coming months. This was based on a recent survey that showed the demand for auto mechanics is expected to increase by 9% within five years.

This shortage affects vehicle service…


Added by Richard Keeney on April 21, 2017 at 2:30pm — No Comments

Go Fast and Break Things

The title of this blog post originated from a thought-provoking interview with Chad Mitchell, senior director of digital communications at Walmart. In the interview he lays out a philosophy that every industry – especially…


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NAFTA, Donald Trump & the Chicken Tax: History has come home to Roost!

The election of Donald Trump has created a mixture of hope and trepidation amongst dealers, automotive manufacturers, parts suppliers, and in the whole automotive ecosystem in general. 

Will the Trump administration lower taxes, deregulate the industry and usher in an economic boom time? Or, will the auto…


Added by Josh Blick on April 10, 2017 at 8:40am — No Comments

Choose The Affordable Storage Solution To Keep Your Car Safe

Are you seeking for the best and most comfortable placement for storing your favorite and expensive vehicles? Auto Storage USA is an ideal option for your auto storage requirements. The specially developed storage platform comes with an extensive range of economical and affordable vehicle parking solutions. For gathering additional relevant facts about the storage platform, you can read the precise details available on…


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Benefits Of Hiring Professional Auto Repair

Many people are looking for professional car repair to maintain their vehicles in a excellent condition. In general, experienced mechanics will offer an extensive warranty as well as they handle different types of repair issues. A professional will handle your entire car repair needs with the right tools. Auto repair experts can use specialty tools to fix newer makes and model of cars. They practice preventive maintenance to help you to avoid future issues. 




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The "Art" of Voicemail by Richard Keeney

With email and texting being the dominant forms of communication these days, we must remember that a good old fashioned phone conversation can be much more effective, helpful and personal.

Some on your staff may suffer from being a bit phone-shy, but in an industry…


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Top 3 Factors Women Consider When Purchasing a Vehicle by David Martin

With women buying over 50% of the cars sold in America and influencing 85% of vehicle purchases, auto sales strategies should include certain factors that may…


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Dear Paid Search, the Party is over

Dealers have leveraged paid search for years – and some spend significant budgets on it. However, whether they do it by themselves, or work with a vendor, I find many misunderstand some of the strategies, analytics and the method to the madness that is paid search.

I’d like to explain a few things and share some…


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Best car scratch remover

Most of the time, the cars get scratched by various ways. Like when we are driving through narrow streets our car get scratched byother vehicles. Sometimes children also scratch the car while playing near it. Pets in our home also sometimes do that by jumping on the car. So there are many ways to remove these scratches, from which some are home remedies and the other are the compounds in themarket. So here we are going discuss some crucial tips that we all need to do to remove scratches from…


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Automotive Digital Marketing Firm Auto Ad Builder Provides Auto Dealers Quality Marketing Services

The fast growing automotive digital marketing firm Auto Ad Builder has been serving auto dealers with the marketing services that truly sell more cars.

SOMERVILLE, N.J. - March 1, 2017 - PRLog -- The retail automotive industry has been growing tired of marketing services providers that offer very little to no value. This includes offering cookie cutter services and rarely every…


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Online SMS alerts mean more sales

online SMS alerts mean more sales

Whether you are the biggest shipper of PCs worldwide, a local bakery, or a small Mid-Western car dealership – you need to provide your customers with the best service support – and resolve all emerging issues in almost an instant.

Why? Your clients are demanding it.

SMS and other …


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Semi-retired overqualified, underemployed, considering options,over 20 yrs exp,Semi-retired, overqualified, underemployed,

Semi-retired overqualified, underemployed, considering options..over 20 yrs exp in auto, fleet, trucks, leasing, - highly skilled in Internet marketing, can live anywhere, considering options - would consider Motor home sales or..?

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