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A 25K-Technician Shortage Spells Problems by David Martin & Brett Coker

Last year it was reported that the automotive industry would experience a shortage of 25,000 technicians in the coming months. This was based on a recent survey that showed the demand for auto mechanics is expected to increase by 9% within five years.

This shortage affects vehicle service…


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The "Sold" Customer Follow-Up Blueprint by Richard Keeney

Make sure your salespeople stay on your customer’s radar through a scheduled follow-up plan. Don’t leave your monthly earnings up to chance by hoping for the best. Evaluate your current follow up process. Here is a sample schedule of what we’ve seen work…


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Trade Walk: A Great Sales Process Decision by Richard

Get potential customers to be less combative and more receptive to their trade-in value with a planned trade walk prior to serving them the proposal.

It’s said that around 65% of potential automobile customers have a trade-in to discuss, and most all of them have a higher price in mind that…


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How to “Win the Locker Room”

“Losing the locker room” is not a condition limited to athletic teams. Any leader engaging in destructive, selfish, or other counter-productive behaviors risks losing the hearts, minds and esteem of his or her team. Following are five ways to be a leader who wins your “locker room,” and consistently draws the best effort and results out of your team.



Three Signs You Have yet to “Win the Locker Room,” or Have Outright Lost…


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Dang It...Pick Up the Phone! by Richard Keeney

While communicating through email is extremely commonplace, we want to highlight why the traditional phone call is still of immense value. The personal touch of a voice call shows customers that you care and connects them on a more personal level. Taking the time to make calls to your customers…


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10 Rules of Effective Electronic Communication by David Martin

With electronic communication as one of the major ways we communicate, it’s imperative for your team to pay close attention to what they are saying to customers and how it may be conveyed. Communication involves 3 things: words, voice inflection and body language. As such, the verbal communication of…


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Increase Closing Ratios: Role-Play the Proposal at the Desk by Richard Keeney

Prior to delivering the proposal, get your salespeople, especially your newer ones, to role play the figures with you as if you’re a customer. Everyone can benefit from having a rehearsal. With this strategy you can develop trust in your sales team through this verification process. You’ll be impressed…


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Karen Bradley Presents the '7 Habits of Highly Effective People FREE Webinar - April 18 - 1PM EST


Karen Bradley Presents the '7 Habits of Highly Effective People FREE Webinar - April 18 - 1PM EST …


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The "Art" of Voicemail by Richard Keeney

With email and texting being the dominant forms of communication these days, we must remember that a good old fashioned phone conversation can be much more effective, helpful and personal.

Some on your staff may suffer from being a bit phone-shy, but in an industry…


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Get Mentally "Fixed" Before Serving the Proposal by Richard Keeney

Sometimes it may feel like an uphill battle to even the strongest of salespeople when customers bestow their unrealistic expectations, desires, and constant objections during the vehicle sales process. Once it's time to make the math work and a proposal is issued from the desk manager, often a…


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Hiring - Immediate need for a full time tech experienced in all phases of RV repair

Will provide training for the right person, relocation draw when you arrive, just as I did 6 weeks ago.  Under new ownership, about to launch new website, desperately in need of a full time tech to open the bottleneck in our service department. Our 40 years old parts and service clientele in Kingman AZ, a major hub between LA, Phoenix, Vegas with 40 percent of our population full timers and snowbirds.  The climate is great here and the new owner is a stand-up guy - we need a good man…


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Dealers & Managers: Don’t Widen the Plate by Richard Keeney

A 78 year old famous baseball couch filled the auditorium in 1996 at Chris Sperry’s first of many American Baseball Coaches Association conventions. What John Scolinos spoke about was more than baseball. For his whole speech Coach Scolinos wore a strung up home plate around his neck and after…


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Every Garden Will Be Invaded: Protect the New Hire by Richard Keeney

photo credit

Newcomers to the sales team may often be steered off course by negative salespeople who perhaps are…


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Advantages of Consumer Leasing by Richard Keeney

Understanding the advantages of consumer leasing for your dealerships, sales team, and your customers if crucial for a successful and profitable increase in gross sales. While leasing is not for every customer, knowing when to confidently and professionally present consumer leasing as an option to…


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3 Strategies to Improve Vehicle Sales Gross Immediately by Richard Keeney

As negotiations are an expected part of the vehicle buying process, there are three strategies we advocate doing often and consistently to increase your sales gross and reduce many of deal-cutting concessions.

Depending on how you respond to a customer will determine if you get the…


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The Customer Experience That Wasn’t

Customer experience has become an industry “buzz term” of late when talking about customer acquisition and building loyalty. Most of the time, the focus is on the small things that turn a customer off -- attitudes, inefficient processes, or other such actions. But what happens when, well, everything goes…


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Help them win

My 13 year old son has not had the best relationship this year with math. In short, math has kicked his butt so much so that he's almost given up. Last night I saw him sitting on the couch just staring at his math worksheet. Watching him out of the corner of my eye, he kept staring at it, but never…


Added by Marsh Buice on February 23, 2017 at 11:44am — 3 Comments

Sales Basics That Never Go Out Of Style

I was fortunate enough to work in a top-100 new car dealership from the very first day of green-pea training.  I was a salesperson, sales manager, team leader, desk man, and department head. Whatever you wanted to call me this month, I didn't care. But I did care, and care deeply, about two objectives—hitting forecast, and building a team that could do it every month.…

Added by Scott Bergeron on February 23, 2017 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

Uploading Under the Umbrella

By: Laura Madison, National Director of Sales at Alan Ram's Proactive Training Solutions

The most frequent question I get asked by salespeople who want to use social media to sell cars is, “where…


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Just Because You Have New Technology, Doesn’t Make You Compliant

by John Fuhrman – Director of Training, OptionSoft Technology


     Recently, I was visiting with a dealer and the recent rash of articles concerning compliance came up.  As I shared what I knew on the subject and the current climate concerning fines and penalties, the dealer sat back, smiled and said, “I’m good.  We use a menu.”

     Since I was there to train the F&I managers (there were seven), I thought I’d…


Added by John Fuhrman on January 24, 2017 at 4:55pm — No Comments

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Once of a day, car enthusiast was restricted to a few magazines in a store for their fix of news, pics and articles about motoring, cars and mods. However, with the advent of the Internet and social media, there’s been an explosion in car blogs -…


Effective Tips and Advice on Garage Spring Replacement

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The garage door spring replacement is one of the most common measures as the springs gets damaged with time. The springs fixed on the doors of cars do a lot of work, when the vehicle is open or closed every time. If you suddenly find that the…


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