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CarChat24 wins 2015 AWA Automotive Website Award

The CarChat24 team is proud to announce we have received an Automotive Website Award for Marketing Innovation. The prestigious award was presented in San Francisco on January 22, 2015, as the 2015 National Automotive Dealers Association conference kicked off,…


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Live Chat - take a lesson from MJ and 'Just Do It'

Some people want it to happen,

some wish it would happen,

others make it happen.
~ Michael Jordan…


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Why holidays make live chat a must on dealer websites

Shoppers ready to spend money, combined with manufacturers launching massive incentives and ad campaigns, make the holiday season ripe for increased website traffic. These factors also make a quality live chat service a must to capitalize on all this extra dealership website traffic. More than any other time of the year, buyers are in a rush to find the information they want and need on the products…


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Tips for measuring in-house chat performance

In his book, Customers for Life, Carl Sewell says to MEASURE EVERYTHING. So how do you measure how well your team is doing with live chat? For many dealers handling chat in-house, ‘measuring chat’ means tracking the number of chat conversations and…


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Live Chat isn't thinking outside of the box - it's a necessity

Adding Live Chat software or a hosted / managed chat option to your website doesn’t mean you have to think outside of the box - in fact it is another way to get more buyers INTO THE BOX! I’m sure in the 1930s having a phone was ‘new’ thinking, just like adding a website or dealership email address in the…


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Become live chat star – five points of success

"...you can't just throw it on there and expect it to generate more sales leads or help you sell more cars"

When the internet began to commercialize in the late 90's, you could throw up a website with a few nice pictures and you were ahead of the competition. Then you had to add your inventory just to be competitive. The same is true with live chat on your website - you can't just throw it on there and…


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CarChat24 receives its third “Top Rated” Award for Dealer Satisfaction in the Chat Products Category

PALM HARBOR, Fla. - Jan. 24, 2014 -  CarChat24 - 24/7 Fully Staffed Chat & Advanced…


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Bad weather proves value of hosted website chat on your dealership website

As much of the nation is faced with another massive weather event that threatens to close commerce, many auto dealership staff members are staying home because the doors are shut at the store due to the storm or to care for children who can’t go to closed schools. So if your BDC or sales staff isn't at their desks, are they responding to…


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PRESS RELEASE: Jason Good Joins CarChat24 as VP Marketing and Alliances

Palm Harbor, Fla. - ChatLead.com, Inc. / CarChat24, a leader in 24/7 Staffed Auto Dealer Chat Support, and Dealer Chat Software as a Service, announced today the appointment of Jason Good as Vice President of Marketing and…


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The holidays are one reason to add third party live chat operators

Making the decision to add live chat to your dealership website can be challenging, deciding to use a hosted service with outside operators can make it even bigger – even if it's only as a backup option. So, why worry about having a hosted live chat service now? Continued below graphic...…


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Live chat is just one relationship starter in your dealership to build loyalty

Strong relationships are similar to spider webs, especially in the auto industry. Multiple threads are must to build an effective web for business – or spiders. If you want to build long-term success in car sales, you have to recognize that these relationships start with one tiny thread, and by creating additional threads through rapport and nurturing with quality customer care,…


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Chat Success Tip: Establish chat operators, NOT SALESPEOPLE

It may seem a bit counterintuitive, but if an auto dealership wants to establish a successful website live chat program in-house, it is wise to position your chat staff as online operators, and NOT as internet salespeople. There are three reasons this strategy will help create live chat success:

  • Allows the operator an excuse to…

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AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: Buyers traveling farther to buy cars

It makes sense, and many dealers might suspect, that buyers are willing to travel farther for their car deal than in years past, and those suspicions have been confirmed - again. 

A follow-up study by Autotrader.com to their 2012 White Paper, Have Internet, Will Travel, confirmed this month that “two and a half times more car buyers traveled distances of 30+ miles to purchase a vehicle…


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STUDY: Seniors like hybrid cars for STATUS (just seniors???)

It may not come as a surprise, but paying extra bucks to “go green” in a hybrid car may pay off in self-esteem and image for older drivers, as well as give a healthy boost to the environment, according to a Baylor University…


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Does it REALLY matter if dealer chat vendors are “car people”?

I could just say 'yes' and make this the shortest blog post ever, but here is why it matters…not that you want the gang from the Used Cars movie in this photo helping you with your business, but having 'car people' involved makes a HUGE difference.

As a dealer, when you look at your DMS, your photo and/or inventory service, and even your website, are they handled by companies that are either well…


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VIDEO: Porsche celebrates birthday with symphony of engines

Some companies celebrate their birthday with a coupon. Porsche put together this awesome video.

Porsche birthday press release:…


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Boost your dealer chat business plan with a strong strategy

An effective dealer chat strategy is a key puzzle piece for increasing leads and sales from dealership websites, and dealers continue to add chat to their portfolio of services – whether they opt for an in-house staff or hosted chat vendor.

The scary truth…


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ARTICLE: How carmakers are finding success using social media and other means to connect with buyers

In an interesting piece posted on the Automotive News website over the weekend, Diana T. Kurylko details how manufacturers are able to make real connections with buyers through Twitter, Vine and Instagram.

She points out…


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Tips for choosing dealership live chat software

More and more auto dealers see the value of an effective live chat strategy for their website, and choosing the right software is critical to help…


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Boomers buy more new cars but use web, social media less than younger buyers

I recently helped a friend celebrate his retirement by choosing which new car to purchase for his next chapter in life. As it turns out, his purchase mirrors a national trend that shows ‘baby boomers’ are purchasing more new cars than younger buyers. According to a study by the…


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