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The Unstoppable Philosophy

Jim Rohn, an important mentor in my life, taught that if you want to change your life, you must change your philosophy. Everyone has a philosophy. It’s what influences the way we see things, the way we make decisions, the way we respond to the people around us, and more. The question isn’t whether or not we have a philosophy, but rather, “Where has my philosophy brought me today and where is it taking me in the future?”


Anyone wanting to live more of their life in game…


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Refuse the Bait of Bitterness

Life gives us countless opportunities to become bitter: losing a game, missing a deal, being rejected, being disrespected, someone else getting the credit, a bad breakup, and the list continues. Some people carry their bitterness around with them and rehearse it often enough that you can likely finish their sentences for them.



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Arguing with Success

In an episode of my podcast, The Game Changer Life, I talked about workplace “undertakers.” These team members fit into two primary categories:

  • They do sub-baseline work. Someone else has to do their share, clean up their messes, or follow them around doing damage control.


  • Toxic achievers. These team members may be a top performer, or even the top performer, but they cut corners, violate core values, demonstrate substandard integrity,…

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Dear Graduate

Graduation season is upon us, and in order to help recent or soon-to-be graduates build the unstoppable game changer mindset for the next step in their journey, I’ve just released a bonus episode on my podcast titled, “Dear Graduate.”


It’s estimated…


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Bring the Energy!

Some people bring and create energy on the teams that they are a part of; others bring misery and instead cause energy to drain away from the team. I oftentimes hear people confuse "energy" with "drive," however they are two separate things. And, in order to become unstoppable and live the game changer life, you'll need to have both.

Game changers bring energy and drive day in and day out. They realize that positive daily momentum is a direct result of spending more time in…


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On Track to $100 Million

From time to time on my podcast I'll have special guests who can inspire and encourage you through the things that they have done, the successes that they have built. These people will share principles that got them there so that you can make the same journey towards becoming an unstoppable game changer.

Recently I had the pleasure of welcoming Shawn Meaike, president and founder of Family First Life Insurance, a company which has grown from its first full year in 2014 to…


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Fight Like Ferrell

When I first met Yogi Ferrell in 2015 while speaking with the Indiana University men's basketball team, I noticed that throughout my presentation he was locked in like a laser. I soon learned that this was pretty much how Yogi approached everything - with a tireless work ethic and unstoppable spirit just like a game changer does.

Game changers are willing to fight for the things that they want most, and will do whatever it takes to reach their goals and dreams in spite of any…


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The Power of WHY

One principle that I talk about in my workshops and in my upcoming book, Unstoppable, is the power of having a WHY. Your WHY is all about your purpose – what moves you, your reasons for doing what you do.


What it really boils down to is: “Why do you get up in the morning,” and “Why should anyone else care?” In other words, what do you want for yourself (your goals in business and dreams in life)? But your WHY isn’t just about yourself. It’s also about: who you want to…


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The Dangers of Political Correctness

Frankly, political correctness will stunt your growth because it’s dishonest. It takes the truth and sanitizes and trivializes it so that you never truly face what the real issue is. It often takes what’s good and makes it bad; and, takes what’s bad and tends to make it good and acceptable. It causes unhealthy compromises, an absence of absolutes, diminished excellence, and a denial of reality that will cause both yourself and others to settle for less than The Game Changer…


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The Power of Commitments

In several of my seminars, I cover how important it is to develop and build rock-solid character. Without fail, what creates the most squirms and losses of eye contact from attendees when talking about this is when I discuss the importance of keeping one’s commitments.Keeping your commitments is an issue of integrity – doing what you say, when you say, and how you say, without excuse and regardless of the cost.

This week’s episode of my podcast, The Game Changer Life,…


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Attitude is a Choice

In this week's episode of my podcast, The Game Changer Life, I talk about how attitude is a choice. You can't control the things that happen to you on a daily basis, but you can control what your response will be. You get to choose, and own that choice....a game changer wouldn't want it any other way.

Conduct an "attitude audit" by listening to this week's episode at…


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The Game Changer Life Podcast

If you've read my posts on the four different types of performers in an organization, you'll know that the game changers are unyielding, relentless, and incessant, in their approach to preparation and execution. They relentlessly attack and continually try to "best their best," so that they can become the best.


In order to help you become unstoppable and live your life in a more game changer status, I have launched a new podcast called, The Game Changer Life. In it,…


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How to “Win the Locker Room”

“Losing the locker room” is not a condition limited to athletic teams. Any leader engaging in destructive, selfish, or other counter-productive behaviors risks losing the hearts, minds and esteem of his or her team. Following are five ways to be a leader who wins your “locker room,” and consistently draws the best effort and results out of your team.



Three Signs You Have yet to “Win the Locker Room,” or Have Outright Lost…


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Accountability Is up to YOU!

By definition, someone that leads is expected to “go in front; to show the way.” A key to leading by the right personal example—showing the way—is holding people accountable for behaviors and performances you’ve determined as essential for the organization’s success. Frankly, if you’re in a leadership position, holding others accountable isn’t an option—it’s your duty. Failing to consistently execute this duty results in ongoing damage to: your culture, team morale and momentum, your brand,…


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Consequences Aren't What's Harsh

In today’s pampered age and increasingly politically correct climate, “applying consequences” has somehow become perceived as harsh, unfair, or as demonstrating excessive intolerance. Frankly, however, what is truly harsh and unfair is allowing people to underachieve—or fail outright—on your leadership watch because you don’t have either the skill set or mindset to effectively apply consequences.

What’s also harsh and unfair is allowing someone to lower team morale, create…


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Followers Are Earned

The first section I teach in my Up Your Business 3.0 Super Leadership workshop is called, “How to Become a Leader Worth Following.” In it, I list eight essential traits leaders should demonstrate daily to add value to their team. I open the section with a few points for perspective on leadership:

  • A title doesn’t make you a leader; it simply buys you time to become one—to earn influence or to lose it, to get the job done or to blow it.
  • Ultimately,…

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Give It Up!

In sports you hear much about an athlete being “in the zone,” where their focus is sharper and performance excels. But being in the zone doesn’t apply only to athletics; it’s relevant in any job or endeavor where performance matters.

The “zone” is defined as: a temporary heightened state of focus that enables peak performance. With that in mind, our objective should be…


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Coach Meyer's Three Rules of Leadership

Coach Don Meyer is a college basketball national champion and legend, compiling a record of 923-324 (74%) over four decades. He was a mentor to many successful coaches, including Tennessee’s Pat Summit. Meyer kept leadership simple and offered three basic, but highly effective rules with wide application for any organization. While his rules have a physical application, it’s the mindset behind them that makes them particularly powerful within an…


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Get Your Leadership Back On Track

It’s both a dangerous and ridiculous assumption to believe that because someone has a leadership title—or is in a leadership position—he or she is leading. Often, as prosperity rises urgency falls, and those who are paid to lead start to maintain and become caretakers. Where they once charted the course, impacted people, and built strong cultures, they instead: chart results, administer people, and leave culture up for grabs. We’re all likely to get off track in our…


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Six Steps to Becoming a Game Changer!

     In last month’s column I presented differences in the mindset and behaviors of three primary performance groups: caretakers, playmakers and game changers. If you missed that piece, you may wish to find it in the archives, as it will create the perspective that makes the six steps I present here more meaningful.


For a brief summary of caretakers, playmakers, and game changers, consider that: 

  • Caretakers are steady baseliners who do dependable work, but no…

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