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A Reality Rebuttal to 4 Excuses That Hold You Back

Excuses are the DNA of underachievers. It's the one that all underachievers have in common, and making excuses in turn makes you common, ordinary, repulsive, unpopular, and ultimately holds you back from being unstoppable in all you do.

There are several excuses that can hold you back from living the game changer life, but in my newest podcast episode I share 4 of the most commonly used ones that you may hear others give - or that you may even utter yourself from time to time.…


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2018 Event Schedule Posted!

New posted for 2018. Save 15% on Elite Center classes until 10/19! Visit


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The Power of Making Things Right

The failure to reconcile after doing or saying something that potentially injured a personal, customer, or work relationship, is a great source of tension and stress for both parties. It serves to weaken your culture, dilute your focus, take you out of your zone, and ultimately drain your energy, enthusiasm, and passion.

The good news is that making it right, gaining closure, and moving forward so you can get back on track to living the game changer life, is completely within…


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Ironic: The Unstoppable Savings End

Last day for up to 15% off my new book ! Order online at


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New Podcast: 7 Steps for Unstoppable Goal Setting

Whenever you achieve a goal, no matter how big or small it may be, you're left with a great feeling of accomplishment. You've been paying the price (giving up unproductive habits, and starting new productive ones), and have likely faced setbacks in your journey. But in spite of the challenges, you persisted and achieved what you set out to do.

Missing a goal on the other hand can leave you feeling frustrated, especially when you fall short in spite of having a fast and…


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Extended 48 Hours!

Due to popular demand, we're extending the Unstoppable Launch Special by 48 hours! Get copies for your team by 10/4 & save!


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Not Everything is Unstoppable!

Time is running out! Make your team unstoppable by getting your copies of my best mindset book yet before October 2nd. Buy here: goo.gl/cFR1Zj…


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The Price is an Installment Plan

This past week I had the pleasure of welcoming my friend, coach Lyonel Anderson, to the LearnToLead studios for a special episode of my podcast that airs today. Coach Anderson is a strength and conditioning coach I first met in my work with the Indiana University Men's Basketball program, and his energy, attitude, and enthusiasm are off the charts.

In our time together we discussed how everything that you want in life requires a price, and that you can't make it in a…


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Unstoppable is Here

Yesterday, my newest book Unstoppable was released worldwide, and already it is beginning to pop up on store shelves everywhere. If you've been listening to my podcast, you'll already have a basic understanding of what separates game changers from the other three performance groups in any organization (undertakers, caretakers, and playmakers) and have hopefully been taking steps to more consistently become a game…


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How to Master the Art of Enthusiasm

Among the eight key traits that game changers possess and consistently bring to all that they do is enthusiasm. What separates the game changers from the other three performance groups (undertakers, caretakers, and playmakers) in terms of enthusiasm, is that their mindset enables them to create it throughout the day - day in and day out.

While most people wait around for something to happen to them or to do something they like before they become enthusiastic, game changers…


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The Remedy for Entitlement

Trends in business follow trends in society, and with the rise of entitlement in society over the past few decades, it's no surprise that entitlement has spilled over into the workplace as well.

Entitlement is that feeling that you are owed special rewards, privileges, or treatment when you're actually not. It's a mindset that essentially says "You owe me because I show up and belong, not because I step up and perform"; and frankly, it's a mindset that drains the life out of…


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The Key to Building Mental Toughness

We hear a lot about mental toughness, and frankly, there's no situation concerning performance that wouldn't be helped by having it. No matter who you are, or where you may be in business or in life, mental toughness is something you'll need to possess.

It's a separator between being average and being unstoppable; it makes you more desirable, resilient, and persistent; and makes people want you on their team because they know good things will happen because you're…


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How to Deal Intelligently with Stupidity

From time to time we all do stupid things; it's part of life and our human journey. From time to time however, we also have to deal with those who continually do stupid things, and let stupidity dominate their decisions, their actions, and their life.

If we're not properly armed to deal with stupidity (whether it's from people on your team who you work with, people who work for you, or someone that you work for) in an intelligent way, it has immense power to: take us out of…


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What’s Your Leadership Legacy?

What’s Your Leadership Legacy?


Dave Anderson


The best leaders leave a legacy by reproducing themselves into high-potential team members. While leaders should train, coach, motivate, and care about all team members, mentoring is reserved for a select few. However, many mentor/mentee relationships are never maximized for two primary reasons:


  • In today’s microwave culture, time is not set aside for this…

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Don't Look Back

Some people spend most of their careers, most of their lives for that matter, looking back. They look back to the past on situations that they believe held them back - situations that they normally couldn't control, situations that have already happened, situations that they can't do anything about.

Looking back causes you to think like a victim, as you attempt to explain away or rationalize why you're not doing better today, why you aren't where you want to be in terms of your goals…


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Grow or Go

One of my favorite questions to ask attendees in my workshops is, "How many of you agree that the right mindset influences the ability to win, more than skills, knowledge, talent, or experience?"

Upon hearing the question, droves of hands usually shoot up throughout the audience. I generally follow up with a second question about how much time is spent intentionally building theirs each day. This is the point where the hands drop down and you could hear the…


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#25 Episode: How to Stay Up in Down Times

LISTEN NOW: Tough times are something that we all face, and something that we can all learn to handle better. In this episode, Dave welcomes special guest and power forward with the Portland Trailblazers, Meyers Leonard, to share with you some principles he's found useful in helping him to stay up in down times. Use his insight to help yourself power through your next tough time or to help others do so.…


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#24 Episode: How to Beat the Ambush of Failure

LISTEN NOW! My newest podcast episode is out, equipping you with tactics to dodge the trap of mediocrity.…


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How to Develop an All-Star Work Ethic

In my upcoming book Unstoppable, I have insight from 34 different leaders from a variety of fields (athletes, coaches, CEOs, musicians, and more) on performance and developing a game changer mindset. Coach Phil Beckner from the Boise State men's basketball program is among those who answered my call to help, and I had the pleasure of welcoming him to our production studio recently for a special podcast episode on how to develop an all-star work ethic.

Through his experiences…


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Everybody Picks up the Trash

"Everybody picks up the trash" was one of basketball coach Don Meyer's three major rules, and is the subject of this week's episode of my podcast.

While coach Meyer's rules had a literal application - in this case physically picking up the trash - they likewise had a mental application. For his third major rule, the mindset or mental application is: I'm going to do whatever it takes; I'll start earlier; I'll go later; I'll do the jobs nobody else wants to…


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