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#25 Episode: How to Stay Up in Down Times

LISTEN NOW: Tough times are something that we all face, and something that we can all learn to handle better. In this episode, Dave welcomes special guest and power forward with the Portland Trailblazers, Meyers Leonard, to share with you some principles he's found useful in helping him to stay up in down times. Use his insight to help yourself power through your next tough time or to help others do so.…


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#24 Episode: How to Beat the Ambush of Failure

LISTEN NOW! My newest podcast episode is out, equipping you with tactics to dodge the trap of mediocrity.…


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How to Develop an All-Star Work Ethic

In my upcoming book Unstoppable, I have insight from 34 different leaders from a variety of fields (athletes, coaches, CEOs, musicians, and more) on performance and developing a game changer mindset. Coach Phil Beckner from the Boise State men's basketball program is among those who answered my call to help, and I had the pleasure of welcoming him to our production studio recently for a special podcast episode on how to develop an all-star work ethic.

Through his experiences…


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Everybody Picks up the Trash

"Everybody picks up the trash" was one of basketball coach Don Meyer's three major rules, and is the subject of this week's episode of my podcast.

While coach Meyer's rules had a literal application - in this case physically picking up the trash - they likewise had a mental application. For his third major rule, the mindset or mental application is: I'm going to do whatever it takes; I'll start earlier; I'll go later; I'll do the jobs nobody else wants to…


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7 Ways to Motivate Yourself

When you look up the word motivate in the dictionary, you’ll find that there are a great number of definitions to describe what it motivation is. The one that I particularly enjoy is, “stimulate enthusiasm in doing something, or for doing something.”

Motivation can come from external sources – we can wait around for someone to stimulate enthusiasm within us – though you’ll never fully live the game changer life by subscribing to that mindset. Game changers don’t rely on…


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Closing the Gap Between Knowing and Doing

This week on my podcast, we’re taking another step closer towards becoming unstoppable and living the game changer life, by closing the gap between knowing and doing.

When most people miss their goals or fail to get to where they want to go in business or in life, it’s not due to a lack of knowledge or not knowing what to do. The goals we set for ourselves (getting in shape, losing weight, learning a new skill, improving ourselves, and more) all involve processes and steps to…


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Going A.P.E for Attitude, Passion, and Enthusiasm

In September of 2017, my fourteenth book, Unstoppable will be released. In the book, I discuss four types of performers: undertakers, caretakers, playmakers and game changers, and outline steps to elevate one’s personal and business life to game changer status. The eighth chapter is titled, “Go A.P.E.,” and it outlines the importance that attitude, passion, and enthusiasm have in excelling consistently well in any endeavor. In this column, I’m sharing a sneak preview from that…


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The Caretaker Performer

In past articles and episodes of my podcast I have discussed the four primary types of performers you’ll find in any organization, or on any team: undertakers, caretakers, playmakers, and game changers (For a quick review, listen to the first episode of my podcast – “The Undertaker Performer”).

In this week’s episode, I’m continuing this discussion by sharing some characteristics of the second type of performer: the caretaker. While caretakers are certainly a step up from the…


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From Chumps to Champs

Some people inch their way towards success and the game changer life by waiting around for a good hand to be dealt to them. Real leaders however, don’t wait for the good hands to come around; they understand the importance of a poor hand, and know full well that a poor hand or situation can be turned around into a good one.

In a bonus episode of my podcast that was just released today, I interviewed my friend and former Marquette and Indiana University Coach, Tom Crean, to…


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Three Temptations of Highly Successful People!

The gap between being successful and reaching your fullest potential is huge. You can be very successful and make substantial amounts of money, while at the same time still miss your potential by miles.

The reason that so few people or performers ever become great – or the great become the best – is because they become good at what they do. As Jim Collins put it, “Good is the enemy of great.” When people become successful it’s common to see them: stay in their comfort zone,…


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Just Own It!

In every endeavor in life there will be adverse conditions – things that conspire against you – that are beyond your control. Something that separates the unstoppable game changer from the other three performance groups (undertakers, caretakers, and playmakers) however, is the simple act of taking ownership and accepting responsibility for their decisions.


While the other three performance groups will look to assign blame (for their results, for their career, for their life)…


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Get Your Life in Balance

Becoming a game changer isn’t just about being great at whatever it is that you do. An important aspect of living the game changer life is having and living a life that is in balance; and, while your life may never be in perfect balance for very long (as I’m of the opinion that no one’s ever is), it’s pursuing that balance that helps lead to the game changer life.


There are countless examples of high achievers in sports and business who earn well, but don’t live well. And…


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The Unstoppable Philosophy

Jim Rohn, an important mentor in my life, taught that if you want to change your life, you must change your philosophy. Everyone has a philosophy. It’s what influences the way we see things, the way we make decisions, the way we respond to the people around us, and more. The question isn’t whether or not we have a philosophy, but rather, “Where has my philosophy brought me today and where is it taking me in the future?”


Anyone wanting to live more of their life in game…


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Refuse the Bait of Bitterness

Life gives us countless opportunities to become bitter: losing a game, missing a deal, being rejected, being disrespected, someone else getting the credit, a bad breakup, and the list continues. Some people carry their bitterness around with them and rehearse it often enough that you can likely finish their sentences for them.



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Arguing with Success

In an episode of my podcast, The Game Changer Life, I talked about workplace “undertakers.” These team members fit into two primary categories:

  • They do sub-baseline work. Someone else has to do their share, clean up their messes, or follow them around doing damage control.


  • Toxic achievers. These team members may be a top performer, or even the top performer, but they cut corners, violate core values, demonstrate substandard integrity,…

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Dear Graduate

Graduation season is upon us, and in order to help recent or soon-to-be graduates build the unstoppable game changer mindset for the next step in their journey, I’ve just released a bonus episode on my podcast titled, “Dear Graduate.”


It’s estimated…


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Bring the Energy!

Some people bring and create energy on the teams that they are a part of; others bring misery and instead cause energy to drain away from the team. I oftentimes hear people confuse "energy" with "drive," however they are two separate things. And, in order to become unstoppable and live the game changer life, you'll need to have both.

Game changers bring energy and drive day in and day out. They realize that positive daily momentum is a direct result of spending more time in…


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On Track to $100 Million

From time to time on my podcast I'll have special guests who can inspire and encourage you through the things that they have done, the successes that they have built. These people will share principles that got them there so that you can make the same journey towards becoming an unstoppable game changer.

Recently I had the pleasure of welcoming Shawn Meaike, president and founder of Family First Life Insurance, a company which has grown from its first full year in 2014 to…


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Fight Like Ferrell

When I first met Yogi Ferrell in 2015 while speaking with the Indiana University men's basketball team, I noticed that throughout my presentation he was locked in like a laser. I soon learned that this was pretty much how Yogi approached everything - with a tireless work ethic and unstoppable spirit just like a game changer does.

Game changers are willing to fight for the things that they want most, and will do whatever it takes to reach their goals and dreams in spite of any…


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The Power of WHY

One principle that I talk about in my workshops and in my upcoming book, Unstoppable, is the power of having a WHY. Your WHY is all about your purpose – what moves you, your reasons for doing what you do.


What it really boils down to is: “Why do you get up in the morning,” and “Why should anyone else care?” In other words, what do you want for yourself (your goals in business and dreams in life)? But your WHY isn’t just about yourself. It’s also about: who you want to…


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