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  1. Any dealer who is not commited to being actively involved in the SEM arena is going to be left in the dust in 2013.The PPC marketing segment was over 23 BILLION DOLLARS in revenue in 2012 and is forecast to exceed 26 BILLION DOLLARS in 2013 ! After being exposed to numerous PPC Companies, the BEST by far is "SHOWROOM LOGIC" ! Just a few facts about this company I want to share with you that may help you understand why I know they need to be a key part of your marketing plans for…

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Our industry and all businesses lost a great innovator and motivator on Wednesday with the passing of Zig Ziglar.Zig was one my "Motivational Mentors"and an individual who could change your thought process with one simple saying or quote.His first book,"SEE YOU AT THE TOP" was one of my first reads in my infancy in the automobile business in the mid-seventies.His simple approach to mental "cleanliness" and daily positive mental attitude helped shape my career and kept me on the right track…


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In recent months,I have done maintenance calls on numerous dealers with whom I implemented "Red Flag" compliance training over the past 2-3 years. I have found an alarming number of stores WERE diligent in addressing the safeguarding of customer information when the law was implemented in 2009,but relatively FEW have continued the necessary practices they implemented when the law went into effect.This is a ticking time bomb for dealers who are not taking the identity theft of their customers…


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Educating Your Sales Team On The Importance Of A Proper "T.O." WHY,WHEN and HOW

There are many stores that demand "100% T.O." from their sales team,but do we share with them why we do this,when we should do this,and how we should T.O.? If we share with them the importance of not only doing it,but doing it correctly,they will have a better understanding of the financial benefits to them as well as the store.First, when do we T.O.?We should T.O. the deal when your sales rep has reached an impasse with his/her potential buyer and any further pressure may affect the rapport…


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Turning your "Logic" Buyer Into an "Emotion" Buyer

Which buyer is easier to close, an emotion buyer or a logic buyer? Which   buyer to you gross more on, a logic buyer or an emotion buyer?We know the answer to both questions,so why do we allow our sales teams to skip the most important step in the sales process in regards to making this transition? The "Product Presentation" or "Walkaround" is the step that helps the sales rep build "perceived value"during your sales process.The ONLY time a potential buyer will make a buying decision is when…


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Planning For OBAMACARE Part 2

On November 11th, I posted information on some of the direct impact OBAMACARE will have on your stores.This posting hopefully will help you get a handle on what the "FREE RIDER" provision has in store for you and help you formulate a business model to minimize your exposure to the penalties that come along with this law. A dealer owes a "FREE RIDER" penalty ONLY if it meets two provisions. 1) If you employ MORE than 50 full time employees or full time equivalent (part time employees which…


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The Three Things Your Customers Hate The Most !

Let me pose a question to you. If you knew what was going through your customers mind during the sales process, would you enhance your chances of selling them a vehicle ? The answer , of course, is yes.Well, NADA has surveyed 3000 new vehicle owners who recently have gone through their purchasing experience.The question posed to them was "what did you hate the MOST about your buying experience?" The number one answer was " it takes too much time".Number two was "I hate the back and forth…


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Do Your Salespeople Get Their Trades "APPRAISED" ?

When you have a deal with a trade involved, what does your sales rep say to your perspective buyer? " Let me get your trade appraised", or words to that effect.Let's take a step back fore a moment and think about the word "appraisal" and what goes through your customers mind when he/she hears that word.What do you get "appraised"? You get your home appraised or your vehicle gets appraised after it's been involved in an accident.In either case, the appraisal is always lower than the…


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Here are the facts about the impact Obamacare will have on your store and what you can do to start preparing now as well as compliance issues before the law is implemented on January,1,2014.As of January,1,2014, dealers with 50 or more full-time employees ( the law has re-defined "full time " as averaging 30 hours per week) must offer essential coverage and "affordable" care defined by this law. "AFFORDABLE CARE" is defined as the dealer paying at least 60% of the cost of coverage with the…


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Every manager tries to convince their sales team to "treat the non-buyer like a buyer".Here is a compelling reason to do so that you can share with your people. What does an Attorney do for a living? He/She practices law.What does a physician do? He/She practices medicine. What do world class athletes,those making millions of dollars a year do every single day of their careers except on game day? THEY PRACTICE !!!! When is the ONLY time a Sales Rep gets to "practice"their trade? WHEN THEY…


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Do Your Salespeople Know The Difference Between An Excuse And An Objection?

Once your Sales Rep has completed his/her job outside(meet/greet,pre-sell info,presentation,demo) they should be initiating a "Trial Preliminary Close".  "Other than price Mr. Customer,is there anything stopping you from taking this vehicle home with you right now?".This trial close will generate one of two responses.If the response is "no,let's see what we can do", then they proceed with your sales process. If not, they will hear either an objection or an excuse. The key to developing an…


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