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6 Step Road to Service Department Success 2-Day Spring Workshops are Open for Registration

We've booked our Spring 2-Day Workshop dates and locations!

Learn how to have the highest Sales, Customer Retention, and Survey Scores, plus over 200 word tracks, closes and ways to handle objections will be taught that guarantee that you are a top performer, and much much more.

Give us a call to book your team…


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Myths are dangerous things. They are invented from misinformation and the unknown.  For example, only a few thousand years ago it was generally believed that if you sailed too far out to sea, you would fall off the end of the earth. It was only when man dared to sail out beyond where they had previously sailed that they proved the myth wrong. There was a time when people actually believed that the moon was made of cheese. That was disproven with the aid of powerful telescopes. Or how about…


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Coming to Best Training Day Ever 2015?

Pro Talk Proudly Announces Inclusion of Internationally-renowned Expert Sales Trainer, Jeff Cowan in the “Best Training Day Ever” 2015


EasyCare, major sponsor for the event to be held at The Masonic in San Francisco, California this coming January 22nd, slates Jeff as opening speaker for the 1 day event which also features 5 other presenters also credited as automotive industry's leading performance…


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Six Tips to Having Your Best Service Year Ever

Six Tips to Having Your Best Service Year Ever…


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Who’s Failing Who?

So I have a friend who called me up in late June and asked me for some help.  His daughter, who had graduated college the year before, was having trouble finding a job.  He knew I’m in the automotive industry and wanted to know if there might be an opportunity for his daughter. Knowing Tammy, I was thrilled to think that this bright young woman would have an interest in an industry that I love so much. 


Although her college had been paid for, Tammy, not one to be idle, worked…


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The Effects of Being Negative Around Customers

Today's Daily Tune Up @CarBizToday on the effects of being negative around customers.

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Uncle Carl's Easy Tip For Success

Uncle Carl, who owned a chain of stores in Indiana, said it best. "Show up to work right on time and set yourself up for mediocrity. Show up 5 minutes early and you create job security; 15 minutes early and you will likely someday be in management; 30 minutes early and you will likely own the company someday."

Uncle Carl's advice is sound. How many times have you shown up early and had people waiting, or witnessed someone pulling in at quitting time, as the rest of the staff…


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Cell Phones, Brain Tumors and Rudeness

Every once in a while the old tired debate of whether cell phones cause brain tumors or not arises.  It usually ends with two sides split; one saying they have proof that they do, while the other says they have proof that they don’t. Personally, I can tell you I do not know who is right or wrong in this case.  But one thing I do know is that cell phones do cause severe cases of rudeness.

I cannot believe how many people will stop in the middle of a sale, presentation, meeting…


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Will You Be Watching Fireworks or Making Your Own This 4th of July?

Happy Fourth of July!

I love the 4th of July and everything it stands for. It is the pinnacle of summer. It’s family, it's friends, and it's fun.

From the celebration of the very first one, our forefathers new the 4th of July would be a date that would be celebrated indefinitely. As a matter of fact, John Adams, in a letter to his wife Abigail, said this about the 4th of July, once the declaration of independence was signed and passed by the continental congress. "I am…


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Lates Press Release: " Believe In It" Presentation Just Released

Stephanie Holdahl Announces 

Release of Best Training Day Ever Presentation "Believe in It"


Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., Feb. 28 -- The highly acclaimed "Believe In It, Live!" presentation has been released on DVD, General Manager Stephanie Holdahl of Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk announced yesterday.

The program was originally filmed on January 24th, 2014 at the Best…


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Jeff Cowan's ProTalk

Receive weekly training messages and more from Jeff Cowan's PRO TALK! Sign Up for Access Today, Click Here:

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FREE webinar - Register Now

Due to the Huge Success of Tuesday's Webinar, we are pleased to announce an ENCORE Webinar Presentation of "5 Steps to Ensure You Are a TOP Manager" Hosted LIVE by Jeff Cowan! Register Today for this Free Training Opportunity on Thursday, December 12th at 8:00 am Pacific Standard Time | 11:00 am Eastern Time. Seats are Limited. Register Here:

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Free Webinar Tomorrow Nov. 19th

"5 Steps to Ensure You are a Top Manager"

During Jeff’s constant travel and recent research, he has noticed that the top managers across the country always have 5 things in common. In this free 30 minute webinar, Jeff will not only reveal these 5 things, but will show you how to use them so that you too can join this exclusive “Top Manager’s Club”.

Tomorow! Nov. 19, 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM PST



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Pro Talk Sales Tips Video - My Mailbox Didn't Get the Memo

What can you learn from your mailbox these days?  Which memo did your mailbox get?

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Are you killing your career?

Contrary to popular belief, going to a training class will not kill you. Not going may kill your career though. 

By Jeff Cowan, The Creator of the Modern Walk-Around and Selling Processes for Service Drives.

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Last Chance to Register! How Service Advisors KILL Customer Retention

Upcoming Webinar

 Only 1 Hour Left to Register for Jeff Cowan's Webinar!

"How Service Advisors KILL Customer Retention"…


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Webinar- How Service Advisors KILL Customer Retention

Webinar back by popular demand!!

How Service Advisors KILL Customer Retention hosted LIVE by Jeff Cowan!

Tuesday, Aug 27th at 8:00AM PST / 11:00AM…


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Announcing a Brand New Webinar: How Service Advisors KILL Customer Retention

Join us for a Brand New Webinar hosted by Jeff Cowan

Tues Aug 6th at 8:00 AM Pacific Standard Time / 11:00 AM Eastern Standard…


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How Service Advisors KILL Customer Retention

Click on Link Below for An Exclusive Webinar Invitation:…


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