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“Will You Do Your Best?”

If I asked you a simple question such as are you willing to be your best, how would you respond? Before you answer that question consider a few things. Doing your best often requires addressing things that aren’t comfortable. It might be a long-term employee that hasn’t had a positive thought in the last 15 years. They talk…


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Growing your own Technicians

The technician shortage is a common concern across the United States and everybody is looking for solutions. Many dealerships are placing ads looking for experienced technicians with little response from qualified applicants. The focus is on the immediate need without an understanding of the overall solution. I understand immediate needs…


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The technician shortage for dealerships is real and here is how to overcome it!

On Wednesday I presented a webinar on overcoming your technician crisis for Automotive News, and I want to say thank you to all the people that showed up! If you happened to miss this webinar on worries the recording is on the Automotive News website, by the way, it is free!…


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The technician shortage for dealerships is real.

On November 1st I will be presenting a free webinar for Automotive News in their Fixed Ops Journal at 2:00 pm ET. This webinar has the topic of Overcoming Your Technician Crisis. In this webinar, we will cover the reasons for our current shortage and spell out how your dealership…


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How Can I Help?

I have watched countless presentations from dealers who want a change from their employees. Generally, these discussions don’t go well and the tone of the dealer is one of superiority that controls the conversation and doesn’t ask for input. Their authority is never in question and I am confident all of…


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What’s your worth?

Today I spent some time reflecting after the tragedy in Vegas where hundreds were injured and many lost their life. They went to a concert to have a good time and their lives changed instantly affecting not only them but their families and friends. I live my life in a manner that isn’t focused on money or what’s in it for me…


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Be Amazing

Most productive people set goals for themselves they want to achieve. No matter what position you hold in life at some point customer care comes into play. Customers can be irritated and rude to anyone attempting to take care of them. Many trainers spend a lot of time working…

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The Great Advisor

Recently I was training an advisor that told me he wants to be great. It challenged my thinking so I thought it would be interesting to write down some thoughts on being a great advisor. Most would say this is a numbers business and great would mean incredible numbers. The most common question I receive is how do I get those…


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Read the Directions

Many things today require assembly when you buy them and include a package of individual parts such as nuts and bolts. Included in this package is printed information call directions that give step-by-step assembly instructions that should produce the assembled product without much effort. Recently I purchased some…


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The Real Parts Profit

Most dealers are bottom line performance individuals and start there when reviewing a financial statement. Parts Departments have some interesting considerations that should be understood when reviewing their financial performance. Many dealerships don’t utilize G&A accounting that separates General Management,…


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Become Bulletproof

New car sales across the country have been declining with many dealerships starting to feel the heat from sales departments seeing reduced performance. Fixed operations have become critical and dealerships look for ways to improve returns from their service, parts, and body shops. The fact is, I believe fixed…


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Complaint Department

Recently I was at a grocery store deli to pick up my wife’s favorite cheese and learned a lesson about customer care and complaints. There was one employee in the Department cleaning the sink and a customer was patiently waiting ahead of me. I asked if she had been helped yet which caught the attention of the employee. She…


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Keep Going

As our company Fixed Performance enters into its 15th year helping dealerships improve their fixed operations as its founder I have to reminisce. I recall starting out without a single client and no recognition to having a wait list and traveling around on a private plane for my visits. Nobody in the car business can…


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Williams Texaco

When I was a kid growing up in Wooster Ohio, my father always fueled up his car at Williams Texaco. The station was right down the street from where we lived and it had service, I am willing to bet most dealerships would love to have. We would always be greeted at the pump promptly where they would wash our windshield,…


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Unanswered Questions

It doesn’t matter if you are in management or a staff member on a team so many have unanswered questions. One example of is a large majority of general managers for car dealerships come from a sales background. They are experts when it comes to selling cars and are very good at their trade. However, their…


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Recruiting Technicians

Finding and retaining quality technicians has become an issue across the country with an immediate need for over 30,000 additional positions available. The amount of new technicians going into the field is low while technicians…


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Do This for You

Often I discuss leadership skills, culture, and processes that assure the success of individuals and dealerships. Today we will look at something that involves all three of these in a unique fashion. 

Everyone has a…


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Expect to Lose

One of the things I have learned about life is there will be times of great loss. You won’t get the job or promotion. You might face an illness with a family member, coworker or even yourself. You might struggle financially and be challenged every week as you try to pay your bills and meet your commitments.…


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Do You Care?

I was at a client working in the drive lane illustrating the importance of the dealership personnel caring about the customer. I randomly picked an example and started going over it. I noticed the interior carpet was dirty and needed vacuumed. A few sections of it could have really used a steam cleaner as…


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It’s an Idea

All progress starts with an idea. Industry titans such as Henry Ford or Thomas Edison both started with an idea. The idea centers on an individual observing a need and thinking through a solution that would solve it. Although there is never guarantee in every idea being successful. It is essential to…


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