20 Must-Read Twitter Highlights from Digital Dealer 16 - Day 2

Welcome to the Twitter Recap for Day 2 of the 16th Digital Dealer Conference happening in Atlantic City, NJ from May 6-8th! For those who were unable to attend the conference, or if you just don’t want to go through the insanity of filtering through all of the social clutter to find the key messages, you can read these highlights below from Day 2. Check ‘em out!







17. I want a service coupon!


16. Use this example as a template for your mobile emails! (see link below)






13. Have you tried including Groupon in your automotive marketing strategy?


12. Educational marketing wins in sales!










7. This sounds intrusive to me! Beware the Creep Factor!












1. Congratulations to Clear Lake Infiniti and Briggs Subaru, 2 of our dealership customers, who are Digital Dealer Website Excellence Award Winners!


We thought these were some of the most informative tweets and highlights from Day 2, however there were plenty of other crazy shenanigans happening on the feed as well -- including a playful battle between the Orange Shoes and Privates Private sessions, a nerdy Periodic Table bowtie, abandoned jello swag, an unexpected fire alarm, and more -- which you can check out by following the hashtag #DD16 or on Digital Dealer’s Twitter handle: @DigitalDealer.

Did you miss the recap of Day 1? Read it here!


Are there any other key takeaways from Digital Dealer 16 that you think are noteworthy? Share them with us in the comments section below, or send us a tweet at our Twitter handle: @activengage


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