3 Strategies to Improve Vehicle Sales Gross Immediately

As negotiations are an expected part of the vehicle buying process, there are three strategies we advocate doing often and consistently to increase your sales gross and reduce many of deal-cutting concessions.

Depending on how you respond to a customer will determine if you get the deal and how comfortable the customer feels about their experience.

By following these three strategies, you can keep you sales high and minimize your losses.

  1. Refer to the Recon R.O. as justification of the price.
  2. Define your "Internet Value Pricing" in writing to explain the savings they're already receiving. (See our examples here.)
  3. Use the Original MSRP as a "Theory of Contrast" to show what they are getting for less.

To read more about each of these strategies, please visit our website for the full article on increasing your sales growth.

At The Mar-Kee Group, we take every effort to help dealerships and their employees gain confidence and increase their sales. We are more than happy to customize these strategies in your own words with professional documents. With the tools we offer, we aim to turn your sales department into a winning team that boosts revenue, creates satisfied customers, and brings about loyal, repeat business. Contact us with any questions or for more information on our sales training courses and strategies.

Richard Keeney 

The Mar-Kee Group


251-680-6633 (cell)


The Mar-Kee Group is proud to celebrate 20 years of outstanding Sales, Service, and Management Training.

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