5 Tips on hiring a vehicle for your transportation needs in Bulgaria

Whether you are on a solo vacation, family holiday or business trip, being in a new country can be quite hectic especially because you are not familiar with the how the public transport works and being in Bulgaria is no exception. If it is your first time here, then 99.9% chances are that you don't know when the bus arrives at the station or when the train you need leaves the subway.


Alternatively, if you decide to bring your car, then you have to be extra careful because foreigners are usually targets of car theft. Instead of stressing yourself trying to find this information or always being uneasy about the security of your vehicle, the easy way is to rent a car in Bulgaria.


However, because you are new, that still comes with a few challenges such as not being able to determine which are the best car hire services in Sofia. Nevertheless, you don’t have to go through that because we got your back with a few tips on hiring a vehicle for your transportation needs in Bulgaria.


  • Hire from a well-known agency


Just because a car hire agency website states that they are well known does not mean it is true. Therefore before you rent a car in Bulgaria, take your time to research and know how long it has been in the industry. The longer the period they have been around, the more experience it has in handling customers especially foreigners, and as a result, you can be sure that they have excellent customer services and also a wide range of high-quality models to select from. For example https://sofia-rent-a-car.com/. For your research, you can choose one agency that offers car hire services in Sofia and then look for previous customer reviews to know whether it is reputable.



  • Your needs


Once you make up your mind on a particular car rental agency, the next thing is to consider your traveling needs so you can choose a car which suits them best. For instance, are you traveling alone? Are your kids coming with you? The amount of luggage you'll have with you does it need a small, simple car or a large sedan? Does the vehicle you are hiring have extra features such as GPS system to help you out when you are lost? Is the transmission manual or automatic? Besides such requirements our preferences vary and in some cases you might be looking for a luxurious sports car, if so does the agency have it? In short, know what your needs are to avoid frustrations.


  • Ensure that the vehicle you are hiring has met all regulations


Whichever your reason for visiting Bulgaria, you do not want to end up on the wrong side of the law for driving a car that has not met all the requirements. Therefore, before you hit the Bulgarian roads with a rental, ensure you check its registration and formalities so you can be sure of its roadworthiness. Check for all the documentation from the log book to the insurance cover so you can be on the safe side just in case you are pulled over.

  • The cost


Before you sign up and agree to the terms and conditions, take extra caution and double check the price to ensure that there are no hidden costs. Some car hire services in Sofia tend to inflate their rates once you sign up claiming that the local and state taxes increased before you could arrive, while others charge additional driver fee. Thus agree on the cost before you rent a car in Bulgaria.


  • Fill the car yourself


Avoid pre-paid fuel plans as they tend to add extra charges to your rate structure. Therefore insist on fueling it yourself and for lower fuel prices, don't go to the petrol stations in the airports as the prices tend to be high here. Instead go to well-known petrol stations in Bulgaria such as Gazprom, OMV, Lukoil and a few others. There are myriads of these on the main roads so it shouldn't be that hard for you to find them. Also, ensure you return your car on time to avoid additional charges.

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