When I was a child growing up I used to challenge every order issued by Mom or Dad with a simple question why. I’m not certain I ever received a detailed description of why I should perform a task that they asked me to do, however the response was always the same. Because I said so, now just go ahead and do it. A sign of a good leader is they understand coaching an individual should include the explanation of why. When the time is taken to explain the logical reasoning behind why you want to perform a task a certain way it will always be an improved result. I believe that life is full of processes and the better they are performed consistently great results are assured. Life without processes is chaotic and never consistent that will generate poor results. Training processes is something leadership must take seriously. If someone is under your direction and doesn’t know how to perform a task properly, no one is to blame except the boss. I challenge everyone who is not sure they understand the correct process to ask their leadership for direction. If they can’t explain the process ask permission to develop and implement one you design. If you are a leader, the challenge is to focus on understanding and explaining your processes in great detail. Because I said so is an easy response, however will not illustrate great leadership. Always seek ways to improve the process. 

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