Some people bring and create energy on the teams that they are a part of; others bring misery and instead cause energy to drain away from the team. I oftentimes hear people confuse "energy" with "drive," however they are two separate things. And, in order to become unstoppable and live the game changer life, you'll need to have both.

Game changers bring energy and drive day in and day out. They realize that positive daily momentum is a direct result of spending more time in their zone, and focusing on the thoughts and actions that are most predictive of them achieving their goals and becoming unstoppable. Playmakers on the other hand can bring energy and drive sometimes, but their lack of consistency is what holds them back from reaching the status of game changer. Playmakers bring it when they feel up to it and often need the "hug" or pep talk to spark that energy and drive.

On my podcast for this week I talk more about how to bring that energy and drive to whatever you do, so that you can maximize and sustain your performance and live the game changer life.

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