Closing the Gap Between Knowing and Doing

This week on my podcast, we’re taking another step closer towards becoming unstoppable and living the game changer life, by closing the gap between knowing and doing.

When most people miss their goals or fail to get to where they want to go in business or in life, it’s not due to a lack of knowledge or not knowing what to do. The goals we set for ourselves (getting in shape, losing weight, learning a new skill, improving ourselves, and more) all involve processes and steps to follow. Very often we know those steps. Our problem then is not in the knowledge of what to do; it’s in the execution. The problem lies in that gap between knowing what to do, and actually doing it.

Remember, if you look at the four primary performance groups (undertaker, caretaker, playmaker, and game changer) what differentiates them is often not knowledge, talent, and education. What distinguishes game changers from the rest, is that they not only know what to do, but do it—and they do it both well and consistently enough to make an impact.

This gap between knowing and doing, is what holds us back from taking that next step towards living the game changer life. Let’s bridge that gap by doing more of what we know and engaging in the right disciplines, so we can take that next step towards becoming unstoppable.

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