Becoming a game changer isn’t just about being great at whatever it is that you do. An important aspect of living the game changer life is having and living a life that is in balance; and, while your life may never be in perfect balance for very long (as I’m of the opinion that no one’s ever is), it’s pursuing that balance that helps lead to the game changer life.


There are countless examples of high achievers in sports and business who earn well, but don’t live well. And while everyone has a different opinion of what “balance” really is, in today’s episode of my podcast I share four primary sectors of life where you can aspire to become more balanced in (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) and share some dangers of what can happen if you stay out of balance for too long in one of those areas.


Enjoy and listen to this episode at  to help increase your effectiveness and pursue balance; because, without pursuing balance, being unstoppable becomes unsustainable.


P.S. If you're enjoying the podcast and are interested in hearing me share more of these principles in person, you'll want to take a look at my new Mission Unstoppable workshop. For more details click on the picture below, or contact our team at 818-735-9503.

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