One of my favorite questions to ask attendees in my workshops is, "How many of you agree that the right mindset influences the ability to win, more than skills, knowledge, talent, or experience?"

Upon hearing the question, droves of hands usually shoot up throughout the audience. I generally follow up with a second question about how much time is spent intentionally building theirs each day. This is the point where the hands drop down and you could hear the sound of a pin drop.

Remember that personal growth is not automatic; we can't just simply show up every day and expect to be better than we were the day before. It's an intentional process, and because we develop within the confines of structure, that process that we set for ourselves should have a systematic approach to it.

In the latest episode of my podcast (Episode #26: Grow or Go), I share some simple steps for developing an intentional and structured growth process - one that will help take you to where you want to go in business and in life. Without the help a structured process, you'll still go places, though it may be further away from the game changer life than you're expecting.

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