How to Change Your Car’s Oil and Filter

It is the most important thing to keep your car ins a good condition and you can easily do it by taking care of the motor oil and the oil filter of your car. The importance of oil in the car should be well understood as it is the same thing in the car as blood in your body. Therefore keeping it in healthy condition is extremely important for the life of your car. Just as the dirty blood in your body can make you fall ill, in the same way dirty and filthy oil with so much time passed can also damage the car and its engine. As a result the smooth running and life of the car and its spare parts is badly affected. That is why it is necessary to keep changing the oil as well as the filter of your car periodically.

Basically the oil flows through all the parts of engine and lubricate the engine parts. In this way the smooth running of the engine and car is ensured. Whenever you need to change the motor oil and filter of the engine, it is recommended to consult the manual of the car. In this regard you have certain options like you can take the car to service station for changing of the oil and filter or to the car dealer. Usually the mechanics perform the task of changing the oil and filter on regular basis, you can also do it by yourself. If you change your oil by yourself, this procedure is quite inexpensive. You will need following equipment in order to change the oil and filter of the car engine.

Essential equipment required for changing the oil and filter

Before starting the work of oil change, you have to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment for the changing of oil and filter. After ensuring al the essential supplies and equipment of car, you have to assemble the tools so that you may not be in a hustle when you need one. You need to have following equipment:

  • Motor oil in proper amount and grade: The product selectorsof the various companies are available in the market and they can help you out in selecting the best oil of the recommended company.
  • Oil filter of high quality: In this regard you have to do the survey of the best oil filters and also select the best one by means of the car manual.
  • Socket wrench: This is important to opening and then tightening back the screws.
  • Oil filter wrench: This wrench is meant for the opening of the oil filter and fixing it.
  • Funnel:The funnel is meant for pouring the oil in filter.
  • Tools: There are many other small tools and safety equipment which are required for oil and filter changing. These include ramps, rags, chucks, safety glasses and working gloves, hand cleaner etc.

Running the engine

The warm oil drains out quickly from the engine, which is why it is advised to start the engine before changing the oil and filter so that it can be drained out quickly. After starting the engine you can start work only after two minutes.

Now remove the key and park the car on ramps. Now replace the oil plug and remove the existing oil from filter. After lubricating the new filter, fix it in the place and then pour in new oil in the filter. After checking the oil level, run the engine and check for any leaks in the filter. After changing the oil and filter, dispose of the old oil and filter by proper means. If you still didn’t able to change or want to change oil and filter of your car by yourself then in that scenario you may have to contact Auto repair Lincoln park Michigan for the replacement of car’s oil, filter and other auto parts.

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