How to Deal Intelligently with Stupidity

From time to time we all do stupid things; it's part of life and our human journey. From time to time however, we also have to deal with those who continually do stupid things, and let stupidity dominate their decisions, their actions, and their life.

If we're not properly armed to deal with stupidity (whether it's from people on your team who you work with, people who work for you, or someone that you work for) in an intelligent way, it has immense power to: take us out of our zone, hijack our momentum, lower our morale, drain our passion, and hold us back from being a game changer day in and day out.

The newest episode of my podcast is all about dealing intelligently with stupidity wherever we may find it. Listen to this episode for free on iTunesGoogle PlayStitcher, or at to help marginalize the effect of others' stupidity on you, and live a more robust and healthier game changer life.

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