How To Make Your Auto Dealer Website User Friendly To Improve Your Search Rating

 In the current economic times, having a business website is crucial for virtually all the businesses. This is more so in the car dealership industry where the majority of the buyers are conducting online searches in pursuit of the best deals. However, having a website is not the only thing that is required as it has to be good and reflect on the search engine results. To achieve this for your auto dealer website, you have to make it user friendly. This is because currently, one of the ways that the search engines have been ranking website is based on the user experience. To achieve this experience, these are some of the ways that can make it user friendly.

  1. Use of multimedia- To really make your auto dealer website user friendly especially in this trade, there has to be some level of integration of the multimedia such as pictures, video clips, and animations. This will better explain to the users of your site more on what you offer in a relatively fast way.
  2. Make it able to load fast and to have a clear navigation- From experience, users will not visit a site that is slow to load. Therefore, to make it fast, you need to compress the data to be loaded to the
  3.  bare minimum to ensure that the user is not bored and turned off by the site. The navigation on your auto dealer website should be tuned up to make things easy for the user.
  4. Use of content marketing- It has been proven that users prefer sites that have real and relevant content for them. It is thus important for your site to offer adequate and quality content. As a matter of fact, this approach is considered crucial also in traffic conversion. For auto dealerships, blogs on car reviews can really work out well; as will calls to actions to develop relationship[s with your website visitors, by offering free information, the visitor gains the information they are searching for and to obtain it they give you their name and email address, so you can develop that important trusting relationship.
  5. Make it mobile friendly- 3 out of every 4 searches on the internet today are on a smart phone. That's where the buyers are, according to Google, if someone has to pinch the screen to read your text, they are gone in less than a second.  
  6. Optimize your website for the search engines- Here are some facts, if you have any broken links on your site, you will be downgraded by the search engines. Tell the search engines through optimization what your specific page is about via Meta and alt tags, do not try to scam the search engines as they do not like it and will downgrade your site. By scamming I am talking about black hat SEO techniques that may give you an initial lift but once found out, down in the rankings you go.   
  7. Make sure internet inquiries are handled ASAP. PC  and smart phone users leave very quickly and are on to the next item on their list of things to do, get them when you can, while they are still thinking about you. This is not just for the sales department, service, parts and body shop, has to respond expidiously to inquiries, as well. 


Are you an auto dealer? Is your website user friendly? How fast is it to load and how regularly do you update content on it? Share your views with our readers below. Thank you! 

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