In every endeavor in life there will be adverse conditions – things that conspire against you – that are beyond your control. Something that separates the unstoppable game changer from the other three performance groups (undertakers, caretakers, and playmakers) however, is the simple act of taking ownership and accepting responsibility for their decisions.


While the other three performance groups will look to assign blame (for their results, for their career, for their life) the game changer stays in the zone and takes a look in the mirror. He or she understands that by making better decisions and owning it, the effect of those adverse conditions will be marginalized.


Owning it, will earn you more: opportunities, influence, trust, responsibility, and more; and, to help you start owning it so that you can live the game changer life, in my most recent podcast episode I discuss eight non-negotiable traits of game changers that you have the ability to own and consistently deliver daily.


Listen to it, become inspired by it, grow from it, and share with others that you also want to see become unstoppable because of it.

So that you don't miss out on the episode that can change your life and help you become a game changer, be sure to subscribe for free today and receive all of our newest episodes as they are released. 

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