As our company Fixed Performance enters into its 15th year helping dealerships improve their fixed operations as its founder I have to reminisce. I recall starting out without a single client and no recognition to having a wait list and traveling around on a private plane for my visits. Nobody in the car business can forget 2008 and 2009 when dealerships didn’t even know if they would have the ability to order a car or have their franchise. In those days the wait list evaporated and I could count our clients on one hand. Thankfully the aircraft was sold prior to the major downturn to a Canadian firm wanting to map the northern part of their nation. During that time I also had a four bone fusion on my right wrist removing the scaphoid bone and screwing the remaining four bones together. The surgery had some complications and when the cast was removed I had no use of my fingers. I couldn’t even touch my thumb to a finger! Physical therapy lasted one year to have enough movement my fingers were usable. I accept and understand the limitations that will remain with me in using my right wrist. And being right-handed at times the limitations are frustrating when attempting to perform common tasks. Occasionally, if I bump it wrong or overuse it pain develops that may last for a week. Throughout all of that, there were times I thought of failure. There were times of self-doubt and poor self-esteem. I kept going. There were many times I felt sorry for myself, however, the challenge was one that I often speak in client visits. How can I make the situation better and improve results for myself and everyone around me? This is where I’ve chosen to live and whenever challenged going back to the main common thread. Keep going. Our mission is to help as many dealerships as possible improve their fixed operations. When helping others is your purpose it becomes easier to keep going!

Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
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