April 1, 2014

Mike's Picks and Commentary
FREE Stuff!

Happy April Fools Day! No joke, but I've found a few "freebies" you'll want to take advantage of right here on DeallerELITE. Who doesn't like free stuff? I know I do! So, in the spirit of the spring season coming up, I thought I'd find some free stuff; like finding Easter Eggs on dE. Enjoy!

  • DealerELITE Careers - List your job opening for FREE in our newly updated Careers section. Looking for an automotive job? Search the listings for FREE!

  • Events There are many FREE webinars in the month of April. Take advantage of these special web presentations to increase your business!

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dE co-founder,
Michael K. Myers


February 20, 2014


Mike's Picks and Commentary
Quick Sales Tips

I don't know about you and where you live, but I gotta tell you all this snow is costing sales in my area! If you don't know, we're based out of the Lehigh Valley, just a hour north of Philly. It's not even just the snow outside that's hurting business, it making my salespeople stupid! I never heard in my life so much bad closing and ridiculous selling word tracks before. The snow is really making my people sell scared and sell desperate. They just want the sale NOW! Don't we all? But when you're 10 units behind where you normally are, it makes you worry a little. So, in regards to our current weather pattern and lack of sales techniques, I have chosen a few things for you to check out to help get through the winter blues. And for those of you in Florida and Southern Cali? Ugh. You're soooo lucky! (but at least here in PA, dealers aren't allowed to be open on Sundays!)



dE co-founder,
Michael K. Myers




January 5, 2014

Mike's Picks and Commentary
Training Week - 5 Trainers, 5 Days

Happy New Year everyone! Things have been busy on my end so sorry it's been a while. We have seen so much new content posted to DealerELITE in the last 45 days and we're so thankful for sharing what you know with this community. AND... being the new year, I thought it would be a great time to to discuss new year's resolutions, and letting DealerELITE help!

Let's discuss the sales and management side of the dealership. Have you set your goals for this year? Oh, you did? Did PLAN on how to get there...? Aaaahhh. Forgot to do that didn't you! It's okay, we sometimes need these reminders once in a while. Let me try and help you out. Below I've picked some awesome sales training videos that are short, packed full of great techniques, and easy to apply to your daily training. So get back to it, make a plan for your success in 2014, and watch these videos to get started this week, one for each day of this week. I hope you enjoy!















dE co-founder,
Michael K. Myers

November 18, 2013

Mike's Picks and Commentary
Sales Training for Everyone

For those of you who know me, I've always been a fan of David Lewis' sales training. I want to tell you why... It's not because he pays me huge lump sums of hard cash to promote him (just kiddin', we don't get a dime). It's because I personally like his approach to selling (after all, this is my opinion); it's very simple and logical. That's why I like him and his style. It just makes sense to me. We've all in some form been taught the traditional sales process at some point in our sales careers. Why, because on some levels, it works. But his is a fresh new way looking to real situations and making logical sense of the customer's frame of mind when shopping for a vehicle. The following videos below are from David's most recent offerings. I hope you enjoy these. And don't forget to search all of dE for other training great training videos by some of the best and well-known automotive trainers of our time.


dE co-founder,
Michael K. Myers

October 23, 2013


Mike's Picks and Commentary
Our History

So how did DealerELITE start? Kinda a funny story. My dE partner, Chris Saraceno started a LinkedIn group called... (I'll give you 3 guesses). So now that DealerELITE only existed as a LinkedIn group, Chris was ready to lay it down! - Guess I should tell you that Grant Cardone challenged Chris to a LinkedIn Group Smack-Down. Grant said he could get more people to sign-up for his group than Chris could get for his. Chris then created DealerELITE on LinkedIn. So in January of 2010, it was on! Want to know who whooped who's butt? Depends who you ask. But the cool thing is that his group still exists on LinkedIn. (So be sure to join).

Chris and Grant

Two months later, as his Internet Director at the time, he came to me and asked if I could make his group a website. About 3 hours later, I told Chris I got something online as an idea. That was March 2010. Three and a half years later, we went from 2 members to over 9,000 automotive professionals from all over the globe. (Not to mention an excellent partnership was created) This milestone is the reason for my commentary today.

We want to thank all of you for your support in a combined effort to bring the automotive industry the best and the brightest we have to offer. As our title simply states... DealerELITE, Motivate|Educate|Inspire

Let me leave you with some of our milestone markers:

Original Logo:


9,000 Members! (click to watch)

dE co-founder,
Michael K. Myers


October 9, 2013




Mike's Picks and Commentary
New Stuff


Ok everyone... Chris and I are getting really excited to show you all the new upgrades we've been working on to make your dE experience better! The one we want to roll out tonight is the new and improved Careers section!

Chris and I both believe "people" are what makes your businesses work. Without them, you will never grow. So what better place to find the BEST and the BRIGHTEST within the automotive industry than DealerELITE. We will be leaving the older pages up for a few more weeks. So if you have jobs posted there, go to the new page and re-post your job listing. We want to see every category used and every state represented. Below you will see the map on the Careers page, and below that is what you will see on the homepage of dE. Let me know if you see anything weird, thx!!


Oh yeah... this is an EXCLUSIVE section to DealerELITE! You must be a member and logged-in to view the section. And as always, this service is FREE.






dE co-founder,
Michael K. Myers



October 3, 2013



Mike's Picks and Commentary
Hidden Gems


When you're an admin to a website, it's very easy to forget all the great features it has to offer. So this week, I'm going to share some of the hidden gems of DealerELITE I haven't seen in a while. I chose the following areas of the site from the member's perspective, because I figure I'm just as much a member and user as I am the admin! I wanted to point out pages that would be helpful to the community as a whole. Enjoy!

  • Careers - You can post job listings for free and search for jobs in your area. This is a section we will be upgrading soon.

  • Groups - Start your own group today and claim a piece of the DealerELITE webscape. Get your own members and control what is shared.

  • Settings - Keep your personal contact info up to date. Members like to connect on dE and accurate info makes it a lot easier.

  • Featured Members - Want to be featured on dE? Be sure to have a profile picture and share your best blogs, pictures, and videos. Remember... Motivate | Educate | Inspire

  • Events - Did you know there are multiple events such as webinars that are FREE to dE members BY dE members? Now you do!


dE co-founder,
Michael K. Myers

September 25, 2013


Mike's Picks and Commentary
Customer Service

My iPhone's WiFi and BT took a dump on me last week after downloading iOS 7. Apparently, one of the manufacturers who make that certain chip had some issues. Fortunately, I was able to go to the Apple store for a replacement under warranty. This was my first "Apple" experience and it certainly lived up to their reputation. I met so many great people there and was amazed by the customer friendly staff they have. My tech had to manage 5 of us at the same time and I never felt like he was helping anyone but me. His ability to multitask his customer service skills were insane! In celebration of my experience, I picked 3 things from dE regarding "customer service". I hope you like these!

P.S. If you'd like to have your video, blog, comment, picture, event, or group listed in one of my upcoming Picks, please email me at mike@dealerelite.net and tell me about your content. I tend to theme my picks, so I always try to do my best to highlight good content.

dE co-founder,
Michael K. Myers

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Comment by Marsh Buice on September 25, 2013 at 8:42pm

Mike, thanks for the love my friend. I love the dE community.


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