Life gives us countless opportunities to become bitter: losing a game, missing a deal, being rejected, being disrespected, someone else getting the credit, a bad breakup, and the list continues. Some people carry their bitterness around with them and rehearse it often enough that you can likely finish their sentences for them.

The thing about bitterness is that sometimes you have a right to be bitter, to be angry or disappointed. Especially if what happened was flat out wrong. That's not the question. The question is, where is the choice to become bitter taking you? Is it taking you closer to living the game changer life, or further away from it?

On my podcast episode for this week, I talk about "taking the bait" and choosing to live with bitterness, and why that's taking you out of your zone and away from living the game changer life. Listen to this episode so that you can build a mindset and attitude to stay in your zone, avoid taking the bait of bitterness, and start living the game changer life.

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