Technology, The Tablet and the Virtual Evidence manual

What single piece of evidence can you present to a potential customer that will separate you from the competition? Before you answer that question I want you to think about the “purpose and not the result.”

Technology can be a great neutralizer in the effort to differentiate one sales person from another. Statistics according to a recent article in Automotive News “Want to sell a vehicle? Attach a video” show that “more than half of all car shoppers watch at least a half-hour of video during the buying process” Likewise, recent data from shows that “shoppers are 20% more likely to click on a specific listing if it has video.”

When a customer visits your dealership you can provide them with the same visual and auditory cues to stimulate the buyer.  Let’s use the power of technology to create your virtual evidence manual. 


What exactly is the virtual evidence manual? We’re going to use technology to help us advance our credibility. Tablets provide the perfect combination of social media, photos and videos to help you stand apart from your potential competition.

The virtual evidence manual consist of:  

Photos from existing customers enjoying the ownership of their new product. Virtual endorsements’ (using video) from existing customers.

Likes on your Facebook page and recommendation from happy customers.

LinkedIn pages and any social causes that you are involved in.  Social media groups and affiliations that you are actively engaged in.

 Use video’s and well researched product comparison articles to enhance the car-buying experience.

  On line rating reviews posted about you on various links like Yelp, DealerRater, Google and other potential social media links.

  Videos of vehicles that you use to stimulate interest and develop sales.

  Pictures of you and your family. Or, if you don’t have a family, have pictures of you doing the things you enjoy. Highlight your experience, your interests, hobbies and your awards.

  If you have worked hard enough and have earned a“President’s Award”, a “Master Sales Award” or a Gold/ Silver/ or Bronze award (whatever your manufacturer recognizes achievement for) use that to your benefit. Explain that not only is the customer getting an exceptional value with your product, but they are getting an award winning salesperson as well. That is a very powerful message to the customer!

  Any picture or statement that shows that you are a professional who cares about what they do for a living. Anything that honestly boasts you as a professional.

Develop your virtual evidence manual and know how and when to use it.

        You should have your virtual evidence manual with you at all times during the sales process. Most CRM tools allow easy access from your smartphone and tablet.  Use that access to take notes during your investigative process (cornerstone sheet). Push the data to the CRM and collect the customers email, cell phone and address using without stressing the customer.

        Bring your virtual evidence manual out prior to the negotiation or write-up stage. It is the perfect tool to help validate what you are offering. Remember, a guest has many choices so you need to make sure you validate their choice.

        The virtual evidence manual is an essential tool that when used correctly can make the difference in a car purchase. Technology can also act as a motivator when times are difficult. You can look back at all the positive feedback and reiterate to yourself that you are good at what you do.

In the end, you know that it’s a matter of using the technology to support your claims and add credibility. I have said in the past that it’s like having a drawer full of tools that become valuable when you need them. Or, the tools become worthless if you never open the drawer. Go out and buy that tablet today and get creative with it. Good selling and continued success.

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Comment by Joe Clementi on January 5, 2014 at 2:16pm
Marsh. Thanks for your share my friend. It's not an expensive concept and the benefits can be exceptional. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and reading.
Comment by Marsh Buice on January 5, 2014 at 2:13pm

Joe, portray what you wish to convey- tablets are relatively inexpensive today- one can buy refurbished or previous gen model for a very low cost. Set aside spin money or a small bit each month and buy one. The beautiful thing about a tablet is you can customize it the way you want to. After the initial purchase of the tablet, it'll only cost you time. If you want an Unfair Advantage in this business, buy a tablet and begin using the ideas you shared. Great meeting material here brother. Thanks for sharing.  

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