In past articles and episodes of my podcast I have discussed the four primary types of performers you’ll find in any organization, or on any team: undertakers, caretakers, playmakers, and game changers (For a quick review, listen to the first episode of my podcast – “The Undertaker Performer”).

In this week’s episode, I’m continuing this discussion by sharing some characteristics of the second type of performer: the caretaker. While caretakers are certainly a step up from the undertaker, their performance is nothing to write home about. Caretakers are baseliners; they do just enough to get by, just enough to get paid, and just enough to not get fired. From them you can expect to see the bare minimum, and nothing else. Embracing this mindset, and doing just what you’re supposed to do (as the caretaker does) will hold you back from living the game changer life.

It’s important to remember that we are normally a blend of the four mindsets from time to time; however, to become unstoppable, we need to develop the mindset and focus to think and act as a game changer more consistently. My episode for this week will help you to identify any caretaker tendencies you may have, so that you can face them, fix them, and work towards living the game changer life. Remember that though it may be tempting to first use this to evaluate others, our job is to first and foremost look in the mirror and get ourselves better so that we can then take others on the journey with us to become unstoppable.

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