The Importance of Positive Online Reviews To Car Dealers

by Adam Ross, Managing Director, Infinite Prospects, Inc.

How many positive reviews from customers does your dealership have on Google Plus Local, DealerRater, and other consumer review websites? If the answer is "not many," "not enough,"or "none," then you're significantly increasing your chances of being ruled out by many potential customers and losing them to your competition.

Want to increase your dealership's sales and service opportunities by 80%? Get more positive reviews and push those negative reviews down! Statistics show that 4 in 5 consumers choose NOT to do business wit..., or because the dealer they wound up doing business with had substantially more positive reviews.

The challenge for car dealers today is multi-fold:

  1. Are we asking our customers to complete a positive review?

  2. How do we get our happy customers to review us positively online?

  3. How do we prevent the unhappy customers from posting negative reviews?

  4. What percentage of sales AND SERVICE customers are ever asked to review their experience on one (or more) websites?

This is exactly why Social Surveys was created. Social Surveys helps car dealers focus on what they do best: SELL and SERVICE VEHICLES. How do they do that? Social Surveys taps directly into your customer database DAILYand automatically emails EVERY sales and service customer on behalf of the dealership, asking them to participate in a brief Customer Satisfaction Survey. This 2-minute video describes how it works...

Using proprietary Smart Optimization TechnologySocial Surveys identifies whether the customer had a positive or negative experience. If Social Surveys determines that they had a positive experience, only then do we respectfully ask them to complete a positive review so they can share their experience with others.

When Social Surveys learns that the consumer had a negative experience, it immediately redirects that customer to a PRIVATE survey so they can share with the dealer what caused them to feel negatively. Social Surveys then provides that survey data directly to the managers at the dealership, so they can privately work to resolve the situation. This GREATLY REDUCES (or even eliminates) the customer's desire to complete a negative review of your dealership on a PUBLIC website. It may even cause them to fill out a positive review, explaining how the dealer properly handled the issue to their satisfaction.

Infinite Prospects is excited to be partnering with Social Surveys to offer this, for the first time, as a standalone service, available to all auto dealers in the USA and Canada. It was introduced last week to the automotive community at the Digital Dealer 13 Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, NV. With a short-term initial agreement and a reasonable monthly cost, you can start increasing your dealership's positive review count while at the same time drastically reducing the chances of receiving negative reviews.

Check out how one happy Social Surveys subscribing dealer describes how the service is working for his dealership.

Contact Infinite Prospects today at (201) 448-7253 (SALE), visit or email us at to learn how you can get Social Surveys working for your dealership.

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