When you get a classic car you can discover the joy of driving and what it’s supposed to feel like when you get behind the wheel. However, when you get a classic car you might also discover just how fragile these cars can be. Modern cars feel like they’re tanks in comparison and if you buy a classic car second hand you might find it difficult to keep up with all of the maintenance it needs. If you have a precious yet fragile classic car then classic car insurance would be a great way to keep your car protected and covered. But if you don’t have a classic car and are still on the lookout, go for one that’s reliable. With a car that cool you’re going to want to show it off and drive it around, which is something you can only do if your car is study and well put together. So, if you’re not sure which sort of classic cars you should get, here are some ideas:

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

This is definitely not the sort of classic car you can buy on impulse. This car, when in good condition, can be pretty pricey, but that’s what you have to pay for one of the most iconic classic cars ever made. Find yourself a leather helmet and gloves and a pair of goggles to complete the ultimate image of you and your classic car. As far as the cars of yesteryear are concerned, the silver ghost was miles ahead of the rest. While most cars were buckling and spluttering after a ten minute drive in the 1907, the silver ghost managed to complete a 15,000 mile reliability test faultlessly without needing any maintenance at all. This is the perfect car for the classic car eccentric. You won’t look like a bad boy by any means, but you’ll be resurrecting the classic car that was both stylish and reliable.

Porsche 924S

This is the classic car that you could drive every day without any problem, and once you feel what it’s like behind the wheel you won’t want to drive another car again. It’s the cheapest Porsche on the market, but it still has all of the excellent Porsche quality. This car is strong and you can tell justfrom looking at it. The Porsche 924S.The only issue anyone might have this car is that it’s a bit low. If you’re less than 6 foot tall this car is incredible. If you’re over 6 foot, though, you might hear a few ominous cracks in your spine when you’re trying to get in and out of the car. Other than that issue, you could probably drive this car to work every day for years and it won’t fail on you. As long as you don’t enter any street races, you’ll find that it gets some impressive distance per gallon, too.

Volvo PI800

The Volvo PI800 has the perfect classic car that you’re looking for – suave as well as cool. One of the best things about this classic car is that the price is normally very reasonable. As long as you don’t buy one of the limited edition variants, you can normally find this car for under $20k. It’s insanely durable, which was demonstrated by one individual who drove to every state in the US, over 3 million miles, with the same engine they started with.

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