Trends in business follow trends in society, and with the rise of entitlement in society over the past few decades, it's no surprise that entitlement has spilled over into the workplace as well.

Entitlement is that feeling that you are owed special rewards, privileges, or treatment when you're actually not. It's a mindset that essentially says "You owe me because I show up and belong, not because I step up and perform"; and frankly, it's a mindset that drains the life out of an organization and its culture.

While we can all feel like we're "owed" something from time to time, if we want to create a high-performance business culture, and a high-performance game changer life, it's important that we recognize the symptoms of entitlement and eliminate their presence altogether. In the newest episode of my podcast, I share not only some symptoms of entitlement, but remedies as well, so that you can help reverse entitlement if you have it, and prevent more of it in the future.

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