The World of Podracing Brought to Life

The world of Star Wars was brought to life through the genius of George Lucas 40 years ago and it has garnered new fans with every generation. The most realistic part of the Star Wars universe in comparison to life on Earth would be the action in Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace with the Podraces.

Young Anakin Skywalker racing around the Boonta Eve Classic in his homemade Podracer certainly caught the attention of many young fans watching on the big screen.


With that in mind, the folks at Click Mechanic dreamed up what Podracers would look like with the very best sponsors in the racing world.


Now, the world of Motorsports in the modern times has many different facets: there’s Formula 1, Le Mans, NASCAR, and the World Rally Championships to name a few. So how did Click Mechanic go about looking at these different types of racing? They went all in on the best of the best in the world.


The biggest race league in the world, Formula 1, would have an interesting look as a Podrace circuit, with the most obvious sponsor team Ferrari. Just imagine the iconic red racer seemingly winning every race and growing its brand across the galaxy. But as iconic as Ferrari is in Formula 1, Aton Martin in a 24 Hours of Le Mans style Podrace would have almost the same effect. The racer would have teams iconic attitude of never giving up to propel them to victory in almost every race they enter. And finally, there’s the American muscle in the American version of the sport, NASCAR. Dodge, while out of NASCAR currently, would show the galaxy just what American muscle is made of. The rev of the engine at the start blocks would instantly make any young racing fan, a fan of Dodge.


If any of this excites your imagination, go check out the page with renditions of the racing sponsors as Podracers. The team at Click Mechanic has a great imagination and have produced seven fantastic images of each mega-team as a Podracer.

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