Topseos + Vendor BS = Dealers being deceived

Recently I received an email from a Company called Topseos which showed many of the So called “top” companies for internet marketing.

This site caught my attention because a I've seen their name pop up in search and a well known Automotive Consultant has branding on their website as being recognized by topseos as one of the best so I decided to contact topseos to find out the criteria to be a top ranked Company in an effort to learn how our company can get ranked in the video SEO category and WOW did I learn a lot in just a few minutes.

When I called I was surprised to learn that they are merely a BS advertising company and if you pay them, you become a topseos recognized company - it's just that simple.

The benefits they offer included press releases, which of course can be used on your website to show everyone that you’re one of the “best” Plus you get added visibility because topseos will list you on their site for “SEO”benefit.

Are you seeing the irony yet?

If you are really a ”top seo” company would you need to pay a 3rd party to drive SEO results for you with their ads?

Wouldn’t you just optimize your way to the top if you are a “top” SEO company?

But wait there's more...

When I spoke to the rep from Topseos I said: "Dealers have been being deceived by some 3rd party classified sites lately for their lack of transparency and I don't want to be the shady company known for paying for a bogus rating."

His response was: "We have automotive vendors using us and the way that we market it's a genuine feel and we fully check out everyone to make sure they actually are successful in their, do you wan to sign up while we are on the phone, I can make you a really great offer."

SO basically, by fully checking everyone out he went to my website to see that we do video conquest marketing with our iCar Video product and that was enough of a back ground check that would allow me to pay them for their coveted 'topseos' award. 

I would encourage Dealers to beware of any Company selling SEO and using the site topseos as a reference as its just a paid service that your vendor “partner” is using as a tool to promote themselves.

Here is a link to some of the shady business done by Topseos

Vendors with the badge aren't necessarily bad at what they do, but, I have noticed that the ones who wear that topseos badge tend to be the same ones who come to the rescue of and the other 3rd party classified sites everytime a dealer or dealer advocate like Jim Ziglar calls those 3rd party sites out.

In a time where vendors are telling Dealerships "You have to be transparent with your customers" it would probably be a good idea for those same vendors to say "By the way I paid for a Bull$h!T rating badge from topseos so you'd see us as the experts in the industry..."

I'd encourage you to call topseos yourself and find out what it takes to be ranked with them. Then, Google "Automotive Marketing topseos" and see what companies show up there.

The list may surprise you.

Below is the BS from a well known automotive internet consultant’s website using Topseos. When reading this, it's no wonder people feel like it's a legitimate endorsement....

2014 is going to be a big year for Dealers and SEO, Video SEO and Mobile are going to be critical tools to help dealerships get themselves off of 3rd party classified sites.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, I am not embarrassed to say that I am always self promoting and all of my friend in this industry will tell you that :) The difference is, I have been on both sides of the desk, I know what it's like to be a dealer and have vendor after vendor blow smoke up your a$$ and I can't stand to see my friends get beak whacked for tens of thousands of dollars because they didn't know enough to make a well informed decision.

Spoiler alert...the very bottom of this has some self-promoting links from me. 

About topseos:
Since its introduction in 2002, topseos has been identified as an independent authority on vendors who supply Internet marketing products and services ranging from the best Search Engine Optimization companies to the best pay per click management tools. In addition, topseos connects thousands of businesses each year that are looking for Internet marketing services with those who provide it.

With dedicated online presence in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, topseos continues to make a global impact in the Internet marketing arena.


Here is the link from the Tweet below 

Mat Koenig is a 20 year Automotive Veteran and CEO & Founder of KonigCo and author of Winners & Losers and This Book is for YOU Stupid. KonigCo provides Video Conquest Marketing for Automotive Dealers with iCar Video and Text Message Lead Generation withiCall AutoLeads

Search Google: best video conquest marketing for car dealers

You'll see that we dominate that search and we didn't have to pay some company to do it for us.

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Comment by Mathew Koenig on December 30, 2013 at 11:11am

Thanks for the comment Steve. Its unfortunate that companies are still doing things like buying ratings instead of just focusing on serving the dealer but it's up to all of us to get the message out there so we can help our friends in the industry make well informed decisions.

Comment by Steve Stauning on December 30, 2013 at 11:08am

While I don't have an opinion on TopSEOs (this post is the first I've heard of them), I do have thoughts on the Snake Oil that has risen to the top of so many digital marketing products in our industry. In fact, I just posted a Short & Sweet video training series on Avoiding Snake Oil that calls out industry "awards" (among other things) as often being indicators of Snake Oil.

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