There have been some excellent insight into that subject by members, so I think I'll throw my hat in to the ring.  I think you you want to know who your competitor is, the first thing you need to do in the morning when you awake and before you turn out the lights in the evening is look in the mirror.

Do you understand what buyers are looking for today in a salesperson? Does your dealership have a process in place that keeps the buyer on the right path? Do you have the endurance to get back on "here""now""me" path when veered off by the buyer?  Can you go the distance with every up with only one end result, and that's showing numbers.

Can you do all this without getting chalk on the bottom of your feet by not answering questions that only take place when the positioning is correct?  If you can answer these question with a "yes" and have the skill of selective listening to move the process forward 100% of the time, well then you have no competition. Because I haven't found too many salespeople that have the fortitude to succeed through even the best developed processes 100% of the time, it will come down to the salesperson the customer meets that gets most of it done and most importantly, a demo drive 100%, why? because then you know that your introduction, qualification and presentation, and your ability to say "wait here, I'll be back in a moment" and get the keys slot the car and put them in it during the walk around and take a demo ride takes you 3/4 of the way to the sale.

Anyway, competition? While it may exist truly the minority of times, it's an awful excuse. The 80/20 rules applies, train, inspect, coach, inspire, and get up from behind your desk.

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Comment by Jeff Nabel on June 30, 2012 at 12:27am

Thanks Candace, someday we can talk about how it applies, and encourages salespeople.

Comment by CANDACE BENNETT MCRAE on June 29, 2012 at 8:39pm

"The 80/20 rules applies, train, inspect, coach, inspire, and get up from behind your desk."   Great Advice Jeff!


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