It’s been reported that the average customer down payment has fallen for the 4th year in a row! It’s no secret that when you get the right down payment you get a deal! In fact, cash down either makes the deal or makes the deal better every time! Yet outside of refund season, most dealerships struggle to get the big down payments that can be needed to put a deal together. Some say the customers just don’t have it. Don’t believe a lie! Every customer either has the resources or can be resourceful… if they want to! Too many people think the way to get more cash down is just to ask for it… again and again and again! I’m here to tell you that the secret is not in asking for it, but in building personal influence and motivating your customer to want to provide it. It’s in leveraging the 9 ways your customer can get it, and then leading them to take action. There is a lot of fluff and cliché advice floating around, but if you want to go beyond ‘good theories’ and ‘best practices’ to learn the exact plays that produce results attend NO DEAL LOST. If you have ever wondered what it takes to make more deals you are not alone! We have the answers… GUARANTEED!

Stop Losing Deals because of Cash Down!

Visit or call 833-NO-DEAL-LOST today!

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