How do most customers respond when you ask for them for a Co-Signer? Are they excited to get on the phone and ask someone to come on the loan with them? Of course not! No one wants to have to get a co-signer. Some of your customers may even be upset and a little taken aback by you asking them for one. The bottom line is more deals would get delivered at your store if you were able to help more customers get a co-signer when needed. Take heart because every customer knows someone who cares, but if you want to influence your customers to get a co-signer the worse thing you can do is ask them for a co-signer! There is a better way… Attend NO DEAL LOST and you will learn how to ​build personal influence to get the name of a co-signer quickly and easily. You will learn how to motivate your customer to want to ask the right person to co-sign, and you will learn how to motivate the co-signer to want to help! If you have ever wondered what it takes to make more deals you are not alone! We have the answers… GUARANTEED!
Stop Losing Deals because of Co-Signers!
Visit or call 833-NO-DEAL-LOST today!

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