Let’s get real… whether over the phone, online or at the dealership price is always a factor in every deal. I doubt you ever had a customer that bought and took delivery of a vehicle not knowing what it cost. While price is always a factor, price only matters when nothing else matters! Here is a secret… the car is not enough! If the entire focus of the deal is on the vehicle and nothing else matters…. than you’ll always lose to the best price and availability! But if you can make the deal BIGGER, personal and more meaningful to the customer… everything changes! Attend NO DEAL LOST and you will learn how to build personal influence to manage early price objections (which are really just complaints), you’ll learn how to overcome late price objections, and you’ll learn how to avoid price objections altogether. If you have ever wondered what it takes to make more deals you are not alone! We have the answers… GUARANTEED!
Stop Losing Deals because of Co-Signers!
Visit NoDealLost.com or call 833-NO-DEAL-LOST today!

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