Why the Average Salesperson Sells 10-12 Cars Per Month Pt: 6

WEEKLY SALES MEETING IS OUT! Why the Average Salesperson Sells 10-12 Cars per Month Part 6: Trial Closes

Why the Average Salesperson Sells 10-12 Cars per Month Part 6: Trial Closes DAVID LEWIS shares with you innovative ways to increase your sales and grosses th...

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Comment by Mark Dubis on January 20, 2014 at 11:37am

Best info is sharing why they buy.  The product, the sales person, and the dealership.  The OEM takes care of the product portion by building a quality vehicle that looks great.  Now the dealership and sales person need to convince the consumer that they are the best resource in the market for that consumer.   If both aren't using powerful word-of-mouth marketing programs to build their "personal brands" they are at a competitive disadvantage.  Here is how one dealer leverages that powerful word-of-mouth branding.   http://bit.ly/1akguvl

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