Craigslist will charge auto dealers $5 per listing starting December 3, 2013

Here's the screenshot straight from their website.  The true question is "Will we stay or will we go?"  The fee is a nominal amount and a format that's already been proven in other categories, but what remains to be seen is if dealers are willing to pay for each ad, or if this change will push traffic back to other sites like eBay Classifieds and Backpage?  

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Lot's of traction on this thread.  Armando, I am watching the Des Moines, IA area.  Today there has been a little over 600 new vehicle postings. Totals from prior days - Approximately 500 from two days ago and maybe 300 from December 1st.  The reduction is underway.  From the looks of it, this will significantly reduce the number of cars and trucks on Craigslist. (as if anyone had doubt about the outcome)

I'm seeing companies offer to manage your posting for you. I think this will turn out to be a bad idea if you really look at what they are offering. The main issue with this will be your dealership will turn over a sizable budget  to a software company with very little experience if any of being a used car manager. Not a good idea in my view of using the new Craigslist correctly. whats your thoughts group?

Our tool for automotive dealers is reasonable.  $250 plus the number of postings per month that you determine.  50 postings at $5 is another $250.  Typically, these are posted with using your lowest to highest priced inventory until we reach your cutoff. For $500 you will have 50 postings in a ghost town.  Picture empty abandoned stores and the streets full of needy patrons.  Perhaps riots is a better image. People in the parking lot fighting for your vehicle.  Seems reasonable to me, but now we will hear from our panel.   


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