What  characteristics differentiate  the differences between a woman vs a man in selling autombiles  in today's marketplace?

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Wonderful question brother, Aaron Kominsky!

Excellent source of responses here. I will share with you this: Tonality of personality is a reflection of ones mentality; make no mistake, what one says is of equal importance as to how one says it. Most important is intent behind it!~ 

I think Joanna touched on something here; in my humble opinion what she shared is not limited to women as many men fit the mentality as well. 

"People like to buy from people who are consistently sensitive and attentive to their
needs. Women are by nature more intuitive and they pick up subtle signals from others. Such
observation and awareness are skills that can be learned, and are powerful sales tools."

I do believe it's in educating others on the intent of serving and the how to do. I've found great success selling automobiles by making simple sense, being a problem solver, a "solution specialist" per-say! Value is well exposed when the mission exceeds the commission!~ What I mean by this; serving others is not so much as what we can do to people, it's more so in what we can do for people; without question the end client can sense and feel - INTENT. I've experience great success with both women and men who sell with a servants mentality.

Thanks for the brain stimulation brother, Arron Kominsky!~ 

At first glance I had to wondered whether you wanted men or women beating you up. I honestly think this is as inappropriate a question as whether blacks or the LGBT crowd are better. I have seen women who are extremely coachable, who also have the emotional and physical endurance to stick with it to find success. And I have also seen men with the same attributes. I have to say that in MY travels, luxury dealerships have tended to have far more women attempt sales than the mainstream brands.

I think a greater number of mediocre and sub-par MALE salespeople than FEMALE end up staying in the business for some reason - perhaps women tend to have skillsets that afford them other income opportunities - clerical skills that many (most) salesMEN still seem to lack. I don't know. I DO know I also experience women on sales floors who are used to achieving success and getting their way based on LOOKS and a perpetual learned helplessness. In a business sector that is still male-dominated, I find THIS creates much more animosity among men than simply their gender.

Oh, and on a personal note, the fact that women can get away with 'dress' shorts and tank tops while men have to wear slacks and/or ties to be a ludicrous double standard. all IMHO, of course.

I was never able to hire women until we transitioned to being a one price dealer.  I find that most women do not like to negotiate, they also do not like to use any traditional auto sales tactics that may breach any moral or ethical grounds. Women in an "adversarial" environment with sales just doesn't seem to work. They don't want to be forced to sell that way.  Don't get me wrong, you still need to hire people with natural sales skills.  No negotiation and true transparency in a sales process has made it easy for us to hire and staff more women! 

No, Great Managers Make Great Salespeople


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