I want to get more New Car Sales from the people sitting and waiting in our Service Lounge.  Currently, I schedule a Sales Person to 1 hour in the Service Lounge so that he/she may Prospect the Customers that are waiting to have their Toyota Serviced.  I have tried many different approaches, word tracks, and events to create interest in Buying a New Car that same day.  We currently utilize IMS and we also have our Sales People greeting each customer after they are finished with the Service Advisor. 


Does anyone have a great suggestion to a Process and/or Word Track, etc. to help me sell more cars from Customers in my Service Lounge?  Obviously, I would prefer to Sell them a Car the same day the customer is in Service however, I also want to ensure our Retention. 


ANY and ALL suggestions would be greatly appreciated.....Thank You in Advance!


P.S. - We are a Toyota/Scion Dealership in South West Florida.  Currently, our Service Department is located in an area Separate of the New Car Showroom.  The Scion brand is located in a separate building as well as my Used Car Department.  I have a Staff of 20 Sales Pros.  We average around 110+ customers in our Service Department per day.

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Brad, great question. Our dealer group just signed on with a company called IMS. The website is: www.dealactivator.com Check them out. We've seen huge results!

1. Were the people in service friendly? ----------
2, Was the lounge area comfortable? ----------
3. Who do you know looking for a new or used vehicle? We pay $100 referral fee
to anyone who refers a friend to us and they take delivery.

Friends name and contact number.---Name-------------------------------------------------
Phone number-------------------------------------
Who is your sales person? ---------------------------------------------------------

Here's a tip we share with Service and F&I Managers which is a graet way to sell VSCs in the service drive it often times leads to a car sale as well. Have your service managers requset a copy of the customer's vehicles service contract # so they can update the system with each customer. Once the customer responds "I don't have one." have the service manager follow up with "how long do you plan on keeping your car?" now have the service manager follow up with "now may be a good time top check out the new models" or "now may be a good time to look into a service contract." Then have the service manager introduce the customer to a sales consultant or F&I manager.


We used Autobase. So, we do have Alerts that show the customers' svc appts and Equity Alerts, etc. We also use an IMS program. Autobase records the SVC History. We do SVC Mailers, coupons, etc. We do a Monthly eNews Letter and 3 Web Blasts per month with our specials. Basically, we cover everything you have asked and maybe then some. What I am struggling with is finding a process/word track or the such that my Sales Guys/Gals will be comfortable and confident with and will have better success selling our SVC customers a car the same day as they are in service. We average 1 sale from service per day currently. I want to move that number to 1.5 and then eventually 2+. I realize that the business has changed enough that the money isn't coming through the Front door - it is coming through the back door and internet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Terry Gibson said:
Brad WOW ! What an opportunity 100 RO`S A DAY, So first lets look at the tools you have.

Do you Have ?

• Automated Sales alerts, to let the salesperson know that their customer has a appointment and will be in service.
• Data mining tool (To market to the service data base
• Ongoing sales and service customer reminders
• Customer portal for service history
• Built in Email Marketing – The cost effective marketing strategy
• Integrated Fixed Ops Features
• RSS feeds for manufactures sales and service specials.

Process can certainly helps, but technology or the tools will yield a better result
Great question. I would see it as an opportunity for referals. We offer people who use our service department one month paid toward their auto loan or $300 if their unit is pain off,. we only see around 15-20 people a day but it results in around 10-13 deals a month from referals in from service customers.
Mr. Newsome,
First and foremost I am so impressed that you realize the money is in the fixed ops department. Many dealers are still struggling with this concept. The simple fact is customers are keeping their cars longer, thus causing a decrease in new car sales. However, I believe that true customer retention starts at the point of sale, be it in the sales department or the service department. I'd like for you to take a look at the link below and let me know what you think. We have worked with several dealers and dealer groups in your market and have increased their customer retention, fixed CSI and increased sales revenue. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I would be happy to help in anyway I can. Have a great week!


ABN is specifically designed to do just that. Take a look at our website and feel free to message me with any questions.
Brad, what if you add some enticement to your word track...? Something that will get their attention... Dangle a carrot out there. People love to talk about themselves and their car. Get them to strike up a conversation with them about their car and about what's getting done on the car today... Chances are they're regular service customers and have been happy with the service they've been getting... Then half way through the conversation; throw this in "You know Mr/Mrs Customer, our appraiser usually gives an extra five, six-hundred dollars to our loyal service customers that wanna trade in for a new/newer Toyota/Scion..." Have them explain that scheduled maintenance records on the Carfax is a big positive and could mean more $$ in their pocket. It's a win/win... It's all about their perception of value and getting them to take mental ownership of a new/newer vehicle before they even agree to demo one...
What happened to days of the salespeople working the servce drive?
1. No cost to the dealer.
2. Hands on customer care.
3. 35% of the customers don't set down in the customer waiting room, they walk the lot and look at New and Used cars.
I guess am to old school.
I am sorry that I can not help you sell more cars today. What you are doing seems to be the ticket. I could only suggest that your sales people count the time they spend in the lounge as opportunity and not something the have to do. Attitude as they say could translate into sales that day.

A word track? Thank you for bringing you vehicle in today for service, Outside of the reason you brought your vehicle in today, is everything ok with you car? Are the transportation needs of your entire family being met?
This will perhaps get them to thinking. Most people can tell you of a need within thier circle of influance if asked in that manner. As a GSM for several years I awarded service drive time to outstanding sales people, our presence in the service drive created several vehicle sale each week, but not always the same day. One more thing, a full rack of new car brochures was available, along with several up to date binders with our Used Car inventory. (A monitor that shows a revolving list of used cars would be great.) Good Luck.
I have done this successfully in a dealership with a real bad service department. I'm looking for a BDS position and can implement this in your dealership. Let's talk.
Mike Saint-Clair
There are a lot of excellent ideas on here. Probably the number one reason I see poor conversion success is consistency. Most sales and dealerships have a somewhat lackadaisical approach to this (key word) PROCESS! They have salespeople somedays and on other days there is no one. There are of course a zillion reasons " I didn't know it was my day in the service drive", "I forgot"...you know the drill. Yet, if there is a defined PROCESS in place with a designated salesperson...it works.
Second reason that there is a poor result is the selection of and committment of the SALESPERSON! I can't tell you how many times I've watched a salesperson with little or no training, script, desire or ACCOUNTABILITY work the service drive with little or no results...day in and day out. If you do one thing everyday and do not see any results no matter how small the result may be...you will stop. You may be physically in the service drive but you certainly won't talk to anyone!
Third reason is lack of training and accountability. Maybe your top dog number one or two can go into any service drive, strike up a conversation about anything, turn that conversation into a discussion about the customers current vehicle and then turn that into a sale. But not everyone on your staff is a top dog number one or two. They like to think they are...but reality is they are not. That's why they need training, role play and scripting to achieve a level of success. And, at the end of every shift in the service drive a serious discussion needs to take place. It might sound like this. "Hey Sallly, how was the service drive today? How many service customers did you talk to? What was the results of those conversations? How many sales appointments have you set? What was the average age, miles, condition of the vehicles owned by the customers you talked to? Tell me how you approached the customer, what did you say?" and of course a few other ACCOUNTABILITY questions.
Lastly, Celebrate The Success! In your daily sales huddle, tell everyone what the results of the previous days service drive interaction were. This is not the time to train...this is the time to Celebrate! Attaboys and High Fives at a minimum! Training is for later either one on one or in small groups.
There are a few things to chew on on there. Good Luck. Shoot me an email if you need anything else.


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