There has been many of his inspirational quotes flying around the social media landscape. His vision and desire was second to none.

  • How has Steve Jobs change the world we live in?
  • How has his vision and purpose affected you?
  • How has Apple changed the way we live?
  • How has Jobs and Apple affected the Automotive Industry?


Let's discuss below...

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The thing that always impressed me the most about Steve Jobs was his unerring ability to "see" the optimal use of diverse systems, and work tirelessly until his vision became reality. Many of us have vision, it takes a unique talent to be able to lead others into the battle of turning revelation into actuality.

No question about it,- Steve Jobs was an ultimate salesman! Selling the unknown is a tough task even for the most savvy of sales people. A product with no track record of success and to achieve what he did should give all entrepreneurs hope and faith in venturing into the unknown.

Outstanding topic my friend!~

Steve Jobs showed everyone that great products sell. It's not about price it's not even about a person's background or education. Products that are beautiful, functional and work well sell themselves.


Don't cut corners, just build the best product you can and charge what it's worth. If you design, and promote it correctly and car about your customers you will win eventually.


Microsoft beat Apple in the short game but the future belongs to Apple.


Steve Jobs did it because he was not afraid to take risks and make mistakes. He has been an inspiration to me in my life and his products have made me more productive, creative and successful.


Sleep well Steve, thanks for the awe, wonder and great toys.....Ian


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