I've noticed quite a few members come on dE, join, add a picture & some info...then never post, participate or even stop back by to see what's going on?


Are they/you the Great Silent Majority who lurk in the shadows garnering knowledge from others posts, joiners who stopped by and never returned or the shy wall flower types (In The Auto Business????lol) Chime in here

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OK, are the Questions working for you>>>
There is another discussion about inaction on dE formum...doing nothing vs doing something....what actions are you taking in dE to promote your business or improve you business?? How about facebook, twitter, myspace, youtube..carrier pigeons??

You have observed the obvious about these types of networks. While their goal is to share information, and best practices to improve our industry, they are limited in scope by the participants and the folks running the network. The owners of DealerElite own auto dealerships in PA and by all accounts have a great operation. They were hoping to give all their peers a platform to voice their opinions and discuss topics of interest.

Because almost 100% of the participants on these sites have an agenda or need to be sensitive to various vendors, manufacturers, and dealerships, you will rarely get an unadulterated opinion or advice on any subject that really matters.

- Vendors will not criticize dealers, as they want their business
- Dealers wont criticize the OEMs for fear of retribution as we saw with massive closings during the bankruptcy days. That was mostly retribution for dealers who spoke up against OEM practices.
- Trainers are looking for business so they will be supportive of dealers activities
- Vendors won't call other vendors "sleazebags" for selling overpriced crap to to dealers

This is just the reality we live in. If there were a site where dealers and vendors could be anonymous you would see an entirely different tone in the discussions.

Until then we will talk about non-invasive topics that will help move us slowly in the right direction. Until we really decide its time to change our industry this is where we have to live.

So far, I am appreciative for every thing DealerElite has done for auto retailing.
Thanks Mark, yep, these were my conclusions....I just wondered if anyone(s) would step forward and add a couple cents worth..
When I signed up, I thought it would be agreat resource for ideas and thought starters to help me run my business.  Instead it has become a way for salespeople to call me and try to sell me things I don't want or need.  I'm tired of that.  Vendors that use the Dealer Elite member opening, BOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guilty as charged, minor poster, major reader---- As a vendor, I think its important to speak when spoke to in most cases.
All professionals need a venue to share their thoughts and fears, to grow and learn.  We all profit when we have an opportunity to voice.  When times are good or when times try our souls.  I write down the bits of wisdom I gleem from the site.  I transfer them when the month end turns and I write them down again.  I share them with others.  I share the site with others in hopes our choosen profession aids the turn around in the economy.
Hello, Jack. Since you are asking :-), I joined dE because I am an accounting manager seeking employment in the Lehigh Valley, PA area. I responded to a job opportunity last summer and was told to join dE and to post my resume because when member dealerships look to fill employment positions, they look on dE first. There are a significant number of dealerships in the Lehigh Valley, and I really thought joining dE would result in a job for me at some point.

What I found was: 1) there is not a specific area to post a resume on dE, 2) I get the indication the dealerships do not search dE for job-seekers (there is not even a drop-down to identify myself as a job-seeker!), 3) Although there are jobs, it is a one-sided post. I must do the searching and/or stumble upon an opportunity at a member dealership on the web.

Is dE intended for use by job seekers? If not, why not?

Claudia Carroll
I'm fairly new to this site, I'm hoping for insight into the car industry.  I thought it would be good way to find info on social media, etc.  So far if the discussion pertains to me or my dealership I will respond.

I thank you Jack, for bringing this topic to light!  I believe dealerElite is a top forum for automotive networking and there truly have been some incredible topics discussed here.  Studies show, 95% of the "readers" on social media platforms, do not post a comment...So we have to live with that!

I am unique in the fact that when I joined dealerELITE, almost at its inception, I was employed as a dealership Comptroller, with 33 years experience in retail.  I have just hopped the fence to the vendor world as I am now employed by AutoMax Recruiting and Training, a career which presented itself to my solely due to my online presence on this site and facebook as well! 

I host two groups here, Nothing but Net, and Carbucks, (which is just an annex to a very active facebook group), and am quite active with posting blogs, and commenting on various other fantastic groups to which I belong!

Thank you dealerELITE for providing us with this venue to virtually have a 20 group at our fingertips for FREE!  You do a great job keeping it real and controlling the self-promoting type of post! 

I am certain, those who wish to commercially market their business can advertise here for a very reasonable fee!

This Site is great. It is a great resource to network and share best practices. Self promotion and propaganda is nit allowed. It is exciting to watch this community grow. Chris and Mike are doing a wonderful job.
Jack, I'm currently in the middle of a rather intense R&D phase associated with our dealerships development of Social Media. I potentially have a plethora of discussions I would like to see and/ or participate in and plenty of opinions to share. For now however, I'm mostly reading and learning. There are some well informed and articulate folks posting here on dE, I appreciate the opportunity to follow their postings. I also like the style and class that dE encourages on it's site. All of the replies to your post have been interesting. Perhaps the one I found most insightful was Mark Dubis. Spoken well as to how it is.


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